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  1. It's that time of year again for these critters to start popping up all over the Washington and Oregon Cascades.

    Morel shrooms!





    Good hunting!
  2. Always love this time of year. Our extended weekend plans consist of Camping and picking :)

  3. Nice. Here's one my daughter found last year.


    She found these too.

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  4. went out a lil early already and didnt find any. might have to stray from the creek ill be at this weekend and look again.
  5. Triple yum!
  6. Tasty little mor(s)els. We had a bit of rain yesterday; looks like I I'll have to head for the hills next week.
  7. For decades, Virginia, Sage and I would head to NE Oregon to stay with my folks over Memorial Day weekend. When my Dad was still healthy enough to fish, we'd include a fishing trip with a morel mushroom hunt and places flowers on the graves of relatives who had passed on. It was rare that we didn't find shrooms in the Blue Mountains. It was a yearly event we always enjoyed.

    Eventually, both my Mom and Dad passed on so our yearly trek came to an end.

    So, Gin and I decided to see if we could find morels a bit closer to The Valley than the beautiful Blue Mountains of our true home and resting site.

    It was after a very large forest fire around the Metolius that we started hearing about morels the next spring popping up in the Cascades above the river. We decided to give it a go.

    Boy howdy did we find shrooms!

    So we started exploring the Cascades around Santiam Pass and were rewarded for our efforts. Now, instead of a six hour drive to hunt for mushrooms, it only takes us two to reach morel country.

    I actually prefer snow mushrooms (brain type) to morels but they have a different color over here than in the Blues so I'm a bit leery of picking them in the Cascades. Of course you can't mistake a morel for any other mushroom in the forest so those are a no brainer (pun intended).

    Next to fishing, wandering through a pine forest in the Spring is my favorite outdoor activity. The smell of the forest, the newly blossomed wild flowers, the crisp air, the last remains of snow and the crystal creeks flowing from that melting snow... it's all a wonderful experience. We truly live in a very beautiful part of the world.
  8. Exciting stuff. My next favorite activity after fishing.

    My local spot (e.g., the patch of landscaping at the church next door) will start popping out Barrow's Boletes in about early June. Then hopefully some moisture this summer and we get lobsters in August and chanterelles in September.
  9. I guess I'm gonna have to give this a go this weekend, if I can dodge the amateur hour on the roads.
  10. Those are beautiful morels! Love em. At the risk of turning this into a cooking recipe forum, does anybody have a favorite way to make morels?

    The first time I fell in love with morels was with a simple preparation of sautéed crisp bacon, then butter added, then saute the morels in the butter, and put over grilled salmon. But then again when you think about it, you could fry dog Pooh with bacon and butter and it would be killer.
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  11. My Mother was from South Dakota and she never fixed anything fancy... of course she had to feed six family members so everything was pretty simple.

    She'd cut up the mushrooms, bread them and then fry them. Not very fancy but they tasted pretty good.

    Virginia is a much better cook and sautees the mushrooms for steak sauces. I have no idea how she does it and most of the time, she makes it up as she goes. She's to cooking as to what I am to tying flies.

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