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  1. So I was looking at getting couple of these from cutthroat leaders. I have heard they are great for dry fly fishing just trying to get everyones take on it??? So if you have used let me know what you think. I also have heard they take a little getting used to, is that true? So just looking for the positives and negatives ??
  2. I get mine from Bjorn at the Fly Fisher in Lacey. I presently have at least a half dozen from 4 wt. to albacore size. I don't know what the getting used to part is, the only draw back I've heard, but never noticed is possible spray when lifting off the water.

    Available in mono for dries and fluoro for sinking.
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  3. I use cutthroat leaders exclusively for my dry fly fishing. Didn't take any getting used to on my part.
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  4. Im going to go order a could now!! Thanks guys
  5. I roll my own. Love 'em. They turn over nicely and you can actually get a wind knot out of them with a little patience!
  6. Me too. But I sale all over the world. Just shipped some off to Italy. I was asked to make them for Allen's Fly Fishing after sending Justin some, But, I can't mass produce those numbers. I do mine by hand and I think that is what makes them nice.
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  7. So blue what would you charge for a couple I haven't gotten them yet and am really wanting to give them a go.
  8. Eric,
    Check your PMs.

    I know a couple of guys that have built machines that furl them, but there's something about making them by hand that is kinda fun! (except when they blow up in the middle of the twining process!) I make mine out of thread, but some use mono.

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  9. I've been using them for years, but in opposite situations. I like a longer leader for dry fly fishing and since most furled leaders are in the 5-7 foot range, I use 9 foot tapered ones plus a couple feet of tippet for dries.

    I much prefer the way that furled leaders turn over large or heavy flies so I use them almost exclusively with 3x or 2x tippet when fishing subsurface with big nymphs or streamers where a longer leader isn't as critical and the fish aren't as leader-shy.

  10. Can someone help me understand how furled leaders work? I mean they seem to be bulkier and so won't it spook the trouts?
  11. Stiffer then normal leader's, turn the fly over better. I still dont use them, I use seagar floro, I tend to up my fish catch number's.
  12. I can't speak for all furled leaders, just mine and they are by no means bulkier. Little test for you. Take a tapered leader out of a package an attach it to your line. All this without stretching or straightening. Furled leader has ZERO memory. It comes out of the package limp. You can actually cast JUST the leader. Furled is a bunch of twists and ends with a tight line. Braided is hollow and will trap water causing spray that will spook fish.
    I have been in some Furled leader swaps and YES some are bulky, but that is the choice of material used not my choice however. If I am making a mono leader I am basically using 7X. I disagree they are stiffer, but rather the opposite. You need but one leader for an entire season. I used one leader all last year just adding tippet when needed.
    And you can certainly use a 5' leader and attach 6' of fluoro to the end and still turn over the tiniest of flies delicately.
  13. Blue i would love to try something you got in a mono and floro. I am game, the ones I used were not up to par.Send me some info and I'll give them a true shot, and thanks.
  14. I use fureled leaders for 2 handed rods as they help you achieve the line stick needed to load a speyrod to skagit cast
  15. I'm going to give the new one's a try. So I'm going to order some from Blue, I am curious
  16. You will have to tell me what you think as i am not a good judge on this as i have never used one.
  17. I am a big fan of furled leaders. I use the ones made by Blue Sky. They turn over very well and I have had no issues with either wet or dry flies. One big reason I use them is that I am a cheap bastard and have found that one leader will last at least a whole season. The only real downside I have found is that when you get a knot in the leader it goes nuclear very quickly and is often hard to take apart.
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  18. Agree!

    I have been using mono and fluoro furled leaders which are made by Bjorn at the Fly Fisher in Lacey (360) 491-0181 and am extremely pleased with them. I recently got a knot in one of the leaders and have not been able to take it apart.

  19. So which do you prefer mono or fluoro?
  20. I got to take that one step farther and ask, why fluorocarbon? Not for sinking because thread will sink. Fish probably don't see the whole leader, but rather the tippet end. I have caught fish in spooky water using an Olive leader with 12" of tippet and still caught fish.
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