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  1. Think this should be something everyone see's as it's a major threat to the skeena system...

    b.c. liberals were elected back in and it's not looking good...


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  2. It's rather interesting that there is a pop-up want ad attached to this video for Pipeline Engineers. I wonder how that happened? There is no question that this is a seious matter that needs to be fought as we are waging the battle against the Pebble Mine in Alaska. Makes me wonder what goes through the minds of the oil people other than money.
  3. This oil sand is the devil incarnate, I tell ya.
  4. It´s interesting you mention that about oil people. I worked a the same fishing lodge for 7 seasons, and every year we had a group of guys that came that were largely involved in the oil industry or other primary resource extraction in Alaska. These guys were all avid outdoorsmen, fishermen, and hunters, yet some of them worked on the Pebble Mine campaign, and stood to make a lot of money if it went through. For some reason there was a disconnect between their beliefs and their own living. I could never understand it. It was so frustrating to see nice, down to earth guys, that seemed to care about the resource and the fishing at our lodge, promote a mine that would almost invariably destroy it. For some reason they just couldn´t see the parallel, or maybe they could and just denied it. I can´t imagine ever feeling ok about myself doing something like that, but I´m sure if we all look hard enough we could find some way that our professions managed to f(ck up fisheries, whether we work in agriculture, driving a truck, workin a mine, or god help you, wall street. in every case we´re burning fuel thats likely pulled out of the ground near where a fish lives, or using water they need to spawn or whatever...
    Chances are, if there is money being made just about anywhere on this planet, it is coming at the cost of a steelhead somewhere...
  5. Also, regarding the liberal government´s election in BC once again, I can promise you that many steelhead are going to die under this administration. That´s not a guess, I´m stating that as irrefutable fact.
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  6. Thanks for sharing the video. I agree 100% with not approving a pipeline running West from the tar sands, but there is just too much money and demand, so it's going to go somewhere. I read somewhere the oil in the tar sands is a 300 year supply for the US at current demands. So it's a big deal.

    One tact may be to find a path and/or supply route with the least risk and potential for disaster.
  7. The tar sand is a huge deposit, but not one that is big profit per barrel of oil, because it takes so much money to extract it and refinery compare to regular liquid petroleum. Thus a serious situation emerges: they need to find the lowest cost possible to transport it out of Alberta, and thus need the shortest pipeline route. This way the oil company can reap the reward, but to do it, they will rape the environment.

    You should also check out how much fresh water they use up to steam the oil out of the sand. Unimaginable damage to Alberta's freshwater lakes and river.
  8. I feel for the future. I understand from other sources that the Skeena system has not had the best mangement in recent years; that nets are overfishing and the by-catch is taking it's toll. It brings up the question in my mind of why we as a nation, along with Canada, with all of our resources and technology, have not spent more time and personal enery in the development of alternative energy like wind power and electricity. Yes, it is more expensive to develop but the Japanese have led the way in the electric auto industry. The U.S. and Canada should be the leaders. The oil companies have made massive profits for their shareholders in recent years and mother nature has been the wallet doling out the cash. I hope someone finally opens their eyes and gets with the program soon or there will be no fish to enjoy sport or for eating. Then we have an enormous problem. Alas, I'm 65 and probably will not see those days, thankfully. I fear for my grandchildren.
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  9. Think of the girl at McDonalds that doesnt want to hand over 3 double cheeseburgers, a large fry, and a diet coke to the 280lbs guy, but its a job.

    They should of talked more about the impact of the actual procedure of putting the pipe in the ground and how it will effect drainage etc or talk about percentages and allowable leakages at the point where they on-load and offload shipping in the sound, never mind the impact of the shipping itself.
  10. There are some humans on this world who, if set adrift in a wooden lifeboat, would start ripping boards off the boat if they thought they could sell the wood. They have no grasp of limited supplies or permanent damage to the planet... nor care. That's just the way they are. You will not change their thinking so reasoning is not an option. They live in a different dimension of reality and were born that way.
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  11. Its not so much that they don't care, its that SOMEBODYS going to do it. So why shouldn't they do it, especially if they are truly environmentally conscious maybe they feel they can do the job, get paid, and do it in a way that lessens the impact on the environment.

    How much news did you see in Oregon with the pipeline extension and LNG terminal they are putting in there?
  12. Right, it's the logic of: SOMEONE is going to rob the bank anyway, but if I do it, at least I know I won't hurt anyone. Got it.
  13. This IS a battle going on over that little project. You don't hear anything about it because it's much more important to read about some spoiled movie star getting pulled over for a DUI. We're still at war and you don't even hear much about that.
  14. IF the Aboriginal Peoples in the area don`t want the pipeline going through their lands - it won`t . They have a LOT of clout up here .

    Of course , the Libs will do their damnedest to throw money at them and convince them that all is well .
  15. What can I say I like fast cars and fancy pretty things :rolleyes:
  16. The answer to every question about why something utterly irresponsible or unfair gets done is that somebody with enough money to buy government backing stands to make a lot more money from doing it. That's why we are seeing things like the Pebble Mine, Keystone XL, coal by rail, and crude export from Northwest put into action, despite overwhelming public opposition.

    Big oil is the reason why we haven't made significant strides in developing alternative energy sources. Once oil interests own the green technologies of the future, they will Make them mainstream. Until then, they'll continue to destroy the land and sea for the sake of petroleum delivery. It's not because they're bad people, but rather because they're blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes. It's been said that power corrupts, but money corrupts absolutely.

    But I digress. The government officials who accept political bribes, time and time again, despite their sworn responsibility to protect the interests of the people, are the real criminals. Democracy ceases to exist in a Capitalist society once a minority accounts for the vast majority of the wealth, and that is why we are seeing more and more injustice and irresponsibility in what little legislation is getting done.
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  17. so much clout that the majority of 1st nations peoples in canada live in poverty, have substandard access to health care & other government provided resources, and are not permitted to sell the fish they are legally entitled to catch, or lease, sell or rent the land that is supposedly theirs on reserves? you mean that kind of clout?
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  18. No , I was simply stating that if the Natives don`t want a project on their lands , the project most likely won`t happen .

    I did`nt mention the challenges they face , which are well known .
    I also did`nt mention that many of their challenges are self-induced .
    It has no bearing on the pipeline .
  19. Of course. The root of their problems can be traced back to the day they "self-induced" the arrival of Europeans and their forced concession of land, their way of life, not to mention the forced assimilation and forgoing of their own language and culture so they can adopt the superior Canadian culture.

    In other news, the Chinese also say of the Tibetans of "self-inducing" social and economic problems, which the Han Chinese government is all too ready to "help rectify". History repeats.
  20. Never-mind .
    I`ll defer to the experts .

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