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  1. "Utterly irresponsible" (stated by Shad above) is entirely correct...but let's bring it back from the "deep" to the level. Geography demands a different route! It's economics at the most basic level. A rudimentary cost/benefit analysis makes it clear.

    A flatter land pipeline option exists with the Keystone XL. Time to pressure the decision-makers!! On both sides of the 49th parallel.

    When I retire I intend to explore all steelhead waters of BC
  2. Cool video; I love seeing the line come tight while swinging and then seeing the rod start bucking. However, I also understand that was not the main point of the video. I know first hand that First Nations in BC certainly has some clout when it comes to environmental/fish issues as I work with some very closely on some things. But that alone doesn't provide 100% assurance that this project won't go through. While looking back over time, generally business, development, and the almighty dollar usually finds a way to get what it wants.
  3. I agree with you all, we must protect this wonderful place but, remeber this the next time you jump in your suv to go fishing. These are the choices we have made as a society. People have been talkin about this stuff since I was a young man( nigh on 40 yrs), we have to start playing the long game in this country and not just worry about today.
  4. You are right, we need to transport this find by truck. Never mind the increased risk to our streams or the traffic problems, it is important to stop the safest way to transport these fuels. Or better yet, we could boycott these products. I love bamboo rods and silk lines but how many of you do...
  5. In a twist of irony, my bet is that the route ends up going north. North the to Arctic Circle which will become a major shipping route due the global warming allowing the ice to melt faster and enabling ships to pass through.

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