Game Over for Chum in the Salt?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JayB, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. JayB

    JayB Active Member

    Had a bit of a time-window open today and did the Seattle-Shelton-Belfair-Seattle loop hoping to get one last shot at some Chum in the salt, and pretty much saw....nothing. Not terribly surprising as it's mid/late November and we just had a big spike in flows a few days before, but the tide was waaaaaaaay out for the entire time I was driving my circuit today, so that may also be part of the reason I didn't see any fish.

    I may have the chance to sneak out on Sunday morning. Anyone have any thoughts on whether or not it's worth motivating to make it happen? Not looking for anyone's spots - just general observations from anyone who's been able to get out over the past few days.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. yellowlab03

    yellowlab03 Member

    Did you drive by the hatchery in Hoodsport? Was hoping to get after them one more time on Sunday.
  3. rotato

    rotato Active Member

    Try Carr inlet
  4. John Weston

    John Weston Member

    thinkin about goin to hoodsport on Sunday. will have to see what reports come in today and Sat.
  5. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    Probably starting to wane the farther north you go.
    They'll still be some fish around, but that last rain likely moved many into the streams or nets.
    Some of the very south sound fish don't really even show up until December.
    Though years ago, I remember catching chrome bright chums on the Nisqually on Christmas eve and even a few in January.
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  6. John Weston

    John Weston Member

    I live by steamboat Is. and the chum have been going down plenty. haven't checked for a few days. it's hard to fish here as it is all privet property. I can fish since I live here but it's still hard to do.
  7. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Was fishing Sinclair inlet today (no where near walking distance of a Chum creek), was waist deep in the salt, I look to my right down into the water and got startled, HOLY CRAP! Lol. An UGLY dead Chum, not rotted at all, floated by upside down. Stiff as hell, about 10 plus lbs maybe even 15, hella teeth poking out of it's mouth and it was staring at me!!!!

    So yeah...Chum are still in the salt!! Lol :D
  8. John Weston

    John Weston Member

    drove by mud bay today. lots of guys fishin. looked over to the south side of the freeway and saw a bunch of fins and swirls so yep they are still in the sound. what they look like I don't know.
  9. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    I know what they look like...uuuugglllyy. And that's why I love em!
  10. Andrew Shoemaker

    Andrew Shoemaker Active Member

    There's plenty still in the salt in the south sound. Lots of guys fishing Oyster and Mud Bay areas.
  11. yellowlab03

    yellowlab03 Member

    Hand full of guys and fish today at Hoodsport hatchery. Lots of smaller jacks and hens. We managed a few on flies from the boat, the gear guys were doing ok too.

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