Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. seriously "rural gangs" cmon
  2. Geesus Krist...... I don't own a handgun, but now I might think that over!
  3. Duck hunting this past season - a Department officer told me he would not take his family/kids out to rural fishing areas with out somekind of protection or many other campers around. He said the gangs take over a boat launch/parking area and kick everyone out but their crew. He also showed us a gun shot hole in his F-150 from a chase they had with a gang member -
    He said they don't really mess with hunters - its colder that time of year and they know most hunters have somekind of protection.
    Call the regional office and check to see what kind of activity they run into at some of the out of the way parking/fishing/camping areas over there.

    Good Luck
  4. I grew up in rural grant county. This doesn't surprise me one bit.
  5. had similar porblems in southern Peirce too... Mostly Kapowsin and Ohop lakes. All the more reason to take advantage of the CCW law..
  6. Gangs are a waste of the atmosphere they breathe. Gang membership should be a shoot on sight capital offense. "It's just the way it is, ya' know."

  7. This planet is overpopulated enough that I think this statement has some serious merit.
  8. A few years ago, Grant County had 14 unsolved murders. Most of it was mexican on mexican crime.

    I had a long talk with a Grant County Deputy Sheriff about the issue about five years ago. His take was that the parents are great folks that realize the gift of living in America. However, their kids as well all immigrant groups have formed gangs among the first generation Americans IF they were present in large enough numbers. That includes the Irish, the Italians, and in most recent years the Russians.

    I ran into the Deputy Sheriff at a Fish and Wildlife access point littered with broken glass. It is an issue that the county is aware of, but given ALL the law enforcement demands in the county the fishing access sites are way down on the list.

    I am technically a immigrant to this country, however, given the young age I came here I guess I am first generation. It is tough growing up as a first generation American. You do not fit into either culture and that is why gangs are so attractive. A place you can fit in.

    So give it another 20 years after the mass immigration stops. Those immigrants will gradually move into American society and most of the criminals at that point will be behind bars.

    The difference this time is that the immigration started in the agricultural areas and much later moved into the urban areas so most urban folks are not aware of the changes in agricultural areas. Most agricultural areas in the west are now 30-70% Mexican descent. So it is a surprise if you live in Seattle, however, in central Washington the change started in the early 1980's.

    In the meantime, be very careful in central Washington in the Columbia Basin.
  9. "Most agricultural areas in the west are now 30-70% Mexican descent."

    Really? They are all from Mexico?

  10. Pretty much.

    It is a LOT harder to enter Mexico than the US.

    I was born in Latin America, and I always hated the term Hispanic.
  11. Gangs are a MAJOR problem all over E Washington and have been for the past 10 years or so. Next you come over from Seattle take a drive through Royal City. As stated quite a few unsolved violent homicides over here every year. I run into gang bangers all the time hunting and fishing Crab Creek, Dusty, Lenice areas. See more and more gb's in Wenatchee and in the Methow every year. I always carry now in Yak and Grant County when fishing or hiking. Sad but fact of life because of uncontrolled immigration.

    Grant County along with Yakima County are major Mexican drug trafficking corridors for the entire U.S. The cartels are active in both counties and there have been high profile hits by the cartels the past few years over here.

    Won't hear it on Washington Public radio though
  12. Next time you come over check out all of the Sureno and Norteno grafitti at all public hunting and fishing parking lots in Grant and Yak Counties. On all of the signs, bathrooms. But gosh "rural gangs" are a myth of course right troutramp?.
  13. Damn, I guess it just doesn't matter where you live, be it Washington or here in Arizona! If you have it, keep it on you, be prepared to use it.....and hope you NEVER have to! I carry every day and in every state that reciprocates with AZ.
  14. There are now pieces of BLM land in Eastern OR that athorities are recommending the public simply not go... cartels muscling in to compete in the PNW mary jane trade.... This is slightly different issue than the above mentioned first-Gen gang stuff but a related, serious issue none the less...
    Does not surprise me that Grant Co is struggling with this stuff.
  15. I first heard of this from a Grant County sheriff deputy three years ago. He told me in no uncertain terms to be cautious when recreating out there. I met him through shooting and he told me that they don't commit crimes alone but rather in numbers. His point was that no matter how good you are with that gun you'll be outnumbered and outgunned.

    A friend of mine who's a rep for a firearms company did a training event for the regional SWAT's and security teams at Grand Coulee a couple years ago. He said that violent gang crime was a topic that day.
  16. Shady characters them gang bangers
  17. It is a problem spreading now to most rural areas in the US. I know LEO's in MN,WI, ND, SD, NC, SC, VA, MI, GA, OR, AL, IA who are overwhelmed with gang, drug trafficking problems.
  18. What pisses me off is that we can no longer use some of these public lands that we pay for with our tax dollars! This is US land that is being over taken by criminals. What is perhaps even more bothersome is the fact that these issue are known issues and municipalities and governments can not do enough to put a dent in it. It is not their fault, mostly due to funding, but none the less it is down right BS!

    Hell, I don't even consider south of Tucson ours anymore. Game and Fish no longer sends OHV officers out down there after being fired upon by snipers a few months ago. I had a friend who was also shot at by a sniper down there. This happens in any other country and the *$&% would hit the fan! What they are doing is an act of war and our puss@zz administration does nothing. They rode down there in a fully armored Hummer with air support and "didn't see an issue". I wonder why. I hate to say it, but it will get much worse before it gets better.

    Stay safe out there !
  19. I guess that I'll have to upgrade from an 18 shot 9mm pistol to a short barreled AR for my field gun. And also add a shovel to my gear.

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