Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. Let me say that Sarah Palin is the last person in this county that should ever hold any office ever again. We need leaders, not MILF's.
  2. The Bellevue border rats don't hang out at the home depot. They hang out next door at the Best Buy. They have been there for years. Any way, if the asshats running the state and the fed don't clean up the banks, the budget, wall street, and get inflation under control..... pretty soon the shitbags will have a lot of company on that corner.

    It's pretty damn easy to get into this country (or anywhere in North America) if you have a Purchase Order from a legit US Located "TAX PAYING" entity. Not sure why none of these Anchor Babies and Legal Mexican Immigrants aren't setting up shop and legally contracting to their relatives across the border. The Tax incurred probably costs about the same as is does to get them here illegally.

    And as far as the gangs go. They are everywhere. The ones you read about in the paper are the ones that suck at being a participant in organized crime.
  3. I would have agreed completely until Barbara Bachman and Donald Trump started posturing for a run in 2012. As hard as it is to believe, by comparison they make Palin sound halfway intelligent.

  4. You can't polish a terd.
  5. Hahaha!

  6. Whadaya' mean Roper? Of course we need MILFs. We just don't need or want them as leaders.

  7. Why not? Picture this:

    Milf in Chief: "Oh, I don't know how much more of this I can take! Those damn South Africans and their import tariffs! My Shoulders are killing me!"

    You: " Here, let me work on those on those shoulders for a moment. You've made a lot of big decisions today"

    Milf in Chief: " Decisions aren't the only things I like big..." as she lets down her hair and takes of her glasses.

    You: "Madam Milf in Chief, I don't know that I should!"

    Cue music: Boom Chica Wow Wow
  8. Palin may not be inteligent at least she is hot and she will out hunt and fish any of you people. Tell me who's intelligent that is in office? There all fake and liars. All Americans want is a idiot to take the blame and honestly we had pick some humdingers!!! We need more milfs in the world to have a speyrod in there hands!
  9. Based on the few episodes that I saw of her show in Alaska, and the few times I saw her shoulder a gun and her lack of familiarity with the process I am not sure that she'd know what to do with a spey rod.
  10. lets vote for April Vokey at least she can handle a rod maybe she can be sarahs running mate. Yes she is canadian but we let the man from africa in so y not.
  11. That's ignorant. You're being ignorant.
  12. Next best thing:
  13. I'm just enjoying the magic muslim's $4.50 a gallon diesel, record food prices, collapsing housing market, uncontrolled illegal immigration, body cavity checks of children by the airport TSA, record deficit spending and double digit unemployment. Keep printing mo money, Mr. nobel peace prize winner/serial golfer, while you bomb Libyan civilians. You're doing a heck of a job.
  14. officially the dumbest thread ever.... adding the birther / muslim crap sent it over the edge.
  15. i think if you spoke spanish i would understand you better... and i don't understand spanish.
  16. I haven't been following this thread for a few days, wow, what a kick. I wonder why I don't see all of those day labor guys standing around the Home Depot in West Seattle? Oh, yeah, I forgot, the Southwest Precinct for the Seattle Police Dept. is right there.

    Sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs: yeah, but there are also guard dogs and that's me.

    Legalize drugs and the users will behave themselves...yeah, the drunks always do, don't they? They don't kill people driving, never get into fights, don't destroy their bodies, don't beat their spouses or partners. And the kids, oh yeah, the unplanned pregnancies that are tracked to substance use, hey, the kids do fine with their parents' use of substance abuses. And the loaded parents are so interested in their kids. Ever worked in a treatment center? Do you really know anything about addictions at all? I do, worked in the field for many years, clients were multi-millionaires to homeless street addicts, airline pilots to day laborers and one hell of a lot of veterans. Oh, brother, okay go ahead legalize dope, just don't say "Nobody told me it would be bad." I love our way of thinking that taking the easy road is the solution and then wondering why things turn to shit. By the way, meth will fade as the primary problem and heroin or other opiate-like substance will take its place for 10-15 years and then crack or meth or some other mood accelerant will return. Check some of the research on the cyclic patterns of addictive drugs. Nicotine and alcohol, by the way, are one constant and are still the most deadly for those who care to use them and have been for many, many years. Ah, yes, and they are legal. Don't you miss the old days when they were legal tender? Wait a minute, wasn't moonshine made in similar manners to meth, in backyard stills in areas that alcohol was prohibited? Oh. But booze isn't a problem in our society, is it? Go to an emergency room on almost any night or take a ride along with a cop. Check it out.

    Anyway, this country is adrift and the boat is sinking. I'm glad I'm not in my 30's.
  17. There are various kinds of "predators." I'll continue to tailor my "insurance policy" to the potential threat.
    As for
    Well within the realm of possibility. Re: "outgunned" . . . this I doubt . . . I WILL defend me/mine/yours & I DO spend a lot of time behind a trigger (actually, "many" triggers."). I'll go where I want, when I want to. There's an old Montana cowboy saying . . . "Mess with the wrong bull & you'll get the horn." And to think folks on this board have questioned why folks "carry." Times have changed. If a few of those asshats got shot, perhaps they'd reconsider their vocation . . . just sayin' . . .
  18. Or written English

  19. You're always good for a laugh.

    If I used a porn reference regarding Barry's wife or called him a dumb turd would that be acceptable in your tiny world?

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