Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. Again I'm glad they are prosectuing with longer sentences, but that is the end game. How do we get to the problem before it becomes just that? It seems that we are reactive and not proactive in policing either because funds to do so have dried up or we have fallen so far down the rabbit hole it will take a very long time to correct with the current visions that LE have setup to police gangs.
  2. Most of the time however, those visions are in place due to lack of funding, as has been touched on. Lack of funds severely hampers LE's ability to do much of anything!
  3. Honestly, I don't have an answer for you. I do know that the gang specific unit in Yakima was successful, but indeed did get disbanded. Not sure of the exact politics, but I DO know that a new unit was formed to do that very thing....proactive policing. Has it been effective? You be the judge. Google Yakima shooting and decide for yourself.

    It's easy to sit on a soap box and talk about what WE'D do, but it's a very different thing to put it to practical use. Add in the fact the leadership in Yakima is a joke at the moment, makes for very little motivation from the line guys. It's too bad really. Oh, and lets not even start talking about the County. I don't even know if they get paid a check anymore. :(
  4. Interesting variety of responses. The biggest numbers of Nortenos and Surenos I've met are from the Yakima Valley, with the Skagit Valley second. But they're everywhere. It's no mystery that they've grown where there's a demand for migrant workers. I've met plenty from central WA towns like Moses Lake, Othello, and Ephrata. A lot of them respond well to a little respect. A few are bat shit crazy and looking to prove it. Put them in large groups and the boldness goes up. Add a little booze and you know where that goes.
  5. The east side of the state has introduced legislation more than once the past few years to help fight gangs. The W side reps always vote it down.

    Suggested that we as outdoorsmen should go elsewhere if there is gang activity. WHere should we go?
    Are Lenice, Beda, Lenore, Dry Falls, Dusty, Coffee, Burke, parts of Columbia River, all of Crab Creek, Yak River all off limits now becasue of gang activity?
  6. We have no gang problems in east Washington.
    All a big myth

  7. I'll do an intake on a kid who is lets say not suppose to be here, call ICE, formally INS and let them know we are holding an illegal alien. I book him on the crime he committed, he goes to court and gets sentanced for say 30 days. ICE is notified of his release date a couple days early. they come pick him up, fly him or her to usually San Deigo,, ship them across the border. Sometimes it only takes the kid a matter of 1 day or even hours to get themselves back here in Vancouver Clark County. Nost of the time we know the kid by first name since he has done this so many times. The bad thing is it's all on our dime!

    I deal with gangs on a daily basis and can honastly say they're all over don't kid yourself. It's shitty but as Evan said that's the way it is.
  8. Yakima leadership concerned with gangs? They're more concerned with trying to cover up the bikini girls at the latte stands.
  9. If gangs are as pervasive as described in this thread, perhaps I was a bit too soft in my shoot on sight suggestion. But I'm not sure how to prosecute an even more aggressive way to deal with gangs. But being an open minded sort, I'm certainly open to suggestions.

    As much of a pacifist as I am, I draw a hard line that society's first obligation is to protect itself. Clearly failing on this gang shit. If someone's wearing a tattoo (as described elsewhere in this thread) that symbolizes gang membership, that seems like a good starting point for instant shoot on sight.


  10. You cannot tell from tattoos and most times. The gang affiliation tats on on stomachs, necks and backs. Most people do not know the difference from LVL tats from a BGL from an F 13 tats. Look for red( Norteno) and blue( Sureneo) clothing. (Jersey, coats, belts, hats, bandanas). As long as you stay in groups in publics areas you are generally ok. Would not freak out but would certainly be aware when in E WA.
  11. OMJ speaks the truth. Dillon's the old stomping grounds for the Vigilantes...just ask Henry Plummer about running a gang in the region :thumb:

    Seriously, it's a damn shame we have to concern ourselves with such stuff -- particularly while we're out enjoying a relaxing sport and trying to get away from this stuff; typically associated with the big cities.

    The 2nd Amendment is still (thank god) in place and affords those of us who choose to do so some level of protection against those who would do us harm.
  12. I don't come here often, and only post occasionally. I do however read enough of the threads to be really surprised that Dustin is the voice of reason here. just sayin'......
  13. If we really want to rid the earth of this type of behavior, we have to quit waiting for the problem to arise before we do something about it; we need to be proactive. The real reason any of these guys become gang members is because they come from poverty and have had very little parenting, if any. In fact, most of these gang members are actually victims themselves and they became that way the second they were born. If we really want to stop this, we figure out a way to restrict having them being born in the first place. In this country you need a license to drive, a license to fish, a license to carry a gun, a license to hunt (heck, I just took an 18 hour hunter's safety course with my son), but any two people with an ovum and some sperm can create a kid. Why is it that we are willing to control fishing and hunting rights with a license, but not the birth of a child? Why is it that we believe it is a God given right to procreate? Isn't it really a privilege? As far as I am concerned, it should be required that anyone who is planning on having a kid first and foremost, demonstrate they have the means to take care of one. If you can't take care of a child at a certain financial level, sorry you can't have one. If you have a felony, sorry, no kids. If you are mentally unstable, sorry no kids. If you can't pass a test designed to assess your readiness as a parent, sorry, no kids. Have a drug or alcohol problem? Sorry, no kids! If you look up "population control" on google and read some opinions, most people freak out at any mention of controlled procreation. I actually think it is a good idea and it is something we need to consider in America. As soon as we stop letting people have children who can't take care of themselves, you will see a HUGE change in crime and in our success as a country when compared to other countries like China, Japan, and European nations. My two cents. Some people think it's a crazy, lunatic, fanatical idea. I just think it makes sense. Now, how would I propose to enforce such a thing? I don't have a clue. Mandatory, permanent, but reversible birth control? Now that does sound a little fanatical, but I still think it makes sense in theory.
  14. Had a friend who felt the same. He hated guns. He was doing some bushwhacking to a mountain lake in California and apparently stumbled on a mj grow run by Mexicans. He went missing for 2 weeks. Found his body tossed at the bottom of a canyon. 2 bullet holes were found in the back of his head. Not much of his face left.
  15. Anyone who thinks by not carrying, we are helping and by carrying we are hurting the problem, think again. Granted, if you are a responsible CCW person, you WILL change. How you approach your vehicle, who is around you, who may be around the corner, etc. are all things (among many others) that you become more aware of. It is not because you are looking for a fight, it is because you understand the severity of what could happen and are trying to avoid those situations more than if you were not carrying. Believe it or not, carrying everyday will change you, and usually it is for the better.

    I respect everyones personal opinion on the subject and to each their own. Just remember, most criminal activity takes place in areas where the criminals know that they have the advantage (i.e. where they know people will not be able to defend themselves). By chosing to not carry, you only lessen your chances of survival for you and whoever is with you. Again, it is not about being macho, it is not about brandishing, it is not about being cool, IT IS ABOUT being able to protect yourself and your loved ones! Even LE will tell you, by the time they arrive on the scene, it is usually to late.
  16. Well congrats you just defined communism.
  17. It was known that yakima was one of the biggest drug trafficking cities in the whole northwest in the late 80's - it wasent a huge city back then and that was over twenty years ago ! it wasent addressed then so it has to be addressed now ! i feel for people over their . I,ve worked in about 6 different western states over the years but have never been to yakima and probably never will with the reports of brake ins and now learning of these gangs ! heck oregons looking better everyday !
  18. And fascism. Just to name a few who tried some form of extreme birth control: Stalin, Hitler, Mao (and extending to the current Chinese regime). That covers communists and fascists.

    Still, it'd be good to ensure...somehow...that only responsible people procreate (and vote, drive, fish, etc).
  19. What if we encouraged the gang members to take care of the tweakers doing all the break-in's on the river? Fight fire with fire.

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