Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. Nothing more dangerous than a man who thinks he has nothing to lose.
  2. Or a juvenile who wants to protect his dope turf
  3. Actually it's a side effect of Wang Tingle, aka orgasm... God nor country have anything to do or say about it...
  4. You guys should go to my neighborhood here in Mount Vernon. Got some next door, and a bunch down the streets. And a lot of junior wanna be bangers. We call them the Junior chapter of MS15. Pretty much don't mess with them and they don't mess with you. I actually do know a couple of people who have ties with gangs. Nice person. And my oldest daughter's husband knew some too. It's all over, just use common sense. Pack some heat, or at least have a shotgun in the closet and a baseball bat by the front door and a hockey stick by the back one. Hell before the bangers moved in next door a bunch of cracker drug dealers lived there. They got busted with 3 pounds of meth, some weed and coke. Shitty neighborhood, but never had any break ins or been messed with.
  5. Explains a lot.... :)
  6. In my fishing group, I have a kid from Yakima who wears either red or blue doesn't mean shit to me. He came over to Vancouver for pay back on some kid who did something bad to one of his gang homies over in Yak. So now he is on probation in both Yakima County and now Clark County. I have found that if you treat these kids with respect, they will respect you back. They don't mind if I bust them on some rules infraction and lock them down for a couple days if they deserve it. This perticular kid has a rap sheet as long as Ed can cast a 4wt. Everything from Assault1 to shop lifting. Funniest thing is when he was over here getting ready to do his gang retaliation deed he shot himself in the foot and that's what got him arrested here.

    After he did his time his probation officer signed him up to be in my group. His Mother was thrilled as this was the first time any adult male was going to spend some quality time with him. Don't get me wrong, I was very concerned about my personal safety and the safety of the other kids. He has North side Tattooed across his fore head so I made him wear a beanie. I made him promise not to shoot me, I was kind of kidding but not really .We started doing some community service at the Lower Hatchery on the Kalama where we painted hand rails and cleaned up the grounds. Then we met up with a couple fish bio's and a gamey friend from WDFW. they were in their civillian cloths so the kids didn't know they were law inforcement. At the end of the day we had a great time, the kids were finally told that they were basically police and hopefulle we bridged some gaps there, got alot done and had a great visit. He ended up bieng a pretty likeable kid all in all. But I still wouldn't turn my back on him in a group of his homies. A week later he did another heavy crime and is now at Green Hill in Centralia,, our states Maximum Security Juvenile Institution. I did pack that day BTW.
  7. Maybe I have just been very lucky but I have never had a problem with this while fishing, hunting, or just living. Makes me wonder if my luck will eventually run out? I guess the bottom line is become educated and prepared on the subject, but I don't want it to affect living my life and being afraid to go fishing.
  8. Without a doubt...

  9. I heard about another guy who had this same idea, a little different criteria but pretty close. His name was Adofl I think
  10. As I see it there are a few things that need to happen. First and foremost is to adequately fund law enforcement, and then legalize drugs. Prohibition on booze didn't work, It just created tremendous profits for organized crime, the same holds true with drugs. You might as well legalize prostitution while your at it( you can't legislate morality, it just doesn't work) and tax the shit out of both.

    It's a bit diturbing to read how cavalier some of you are about killing someone!
  11. It is easy to blow people away on a computer. Hell, the gaming industry has made millions doing this. There are a lot of videos out there of trained LE professionals involved in a fire fight and it easy to see many of them are scared shitless in the few seconds a fight takes place. Put the average person in a life or death situation involving firearms and they most likely will be found dead with a load in their pants or running away, screaming like a little girl with a load in their pants.
  12. How many drive-by shootings, homicides, res burgs, rapes have you experienced in the mean streets of B ham this year? One of the " I don't experience crime where I live so it must not exist" people.

    Govt run Meth labs. Sounds like a great idea!
  13. Is respect not something that is earned , rather than automatically given ?
  14. Do you treat people like crap until they earn your respect or do you have a level of respect given until it is undeserved?
  15. Ribka, I think you and I would get along JUST fine. :thumb:

    We should fish sometime...

    It's just not something most people are used to unless they grew up with it. I'm a born and raised Yakima boy and probably will never leave. I love this city and am willing to stay and make it a better place rather than run from the problems.
  16. I don`t treat anybody like crap . But I don`t have any respect for criminals either .
  17. SEAL rules of engagement:
    1. wear cool shades
    2. kill every living thing
    3. reload mags
    4. adjust speedo

    Guess I'll add a couple more mags for the ol' Sig...
  18. ^^ Just leave the ol' banana hammock at home, will you friend? :)

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