Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. It's called Eugenics, a pseudo science that had great popularity in England and America largely in the early 20th century. In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote of his admiration of American Eugenic proponents. Do a little research you'll see names like, Rockefeller (Standard Oil), Margaret Sanger (founded Planned Parenthood to enact her eugenic philosophy), Leland Stanford (railroads and Stanford University). In the Nuremberg trials following WW-II Nazi defendants cited the forced sterilization of mental patients and minorities as justification for their crimes.

    I'm not seeking to make a political point, and know I've gone off topic. I just wanted to point out this pseudo science is in no way foreign to the US but has its roots here and still has some influence.
  2. I don't think you went off target, Mike, but you and Chris raise an interesting issue, at least with regard to the gang problem. Originally, the term "out law" meant that a person chose to live outside the laws of the time. Once they were declared outlaw, if caught, no trial was needed. I'd support a return to that policy regarding gangs anytime, draconian reactionary that I am!
  3. I"ll just gather my family and move to Mayberry. I'm sure there's a crick around there somewhere.

    I don't think people are being cavalier about killing criminals. People are just tired of the time, energy, and money that is being wasted on a very small percentage of the population. I get tired of the attitude many have when they say they'll just go fish somewhere else if things are so bad "over there." Wherever over there may be.

    In Seattle a police officer can't even ask for proof of citizenship because it may be racist. Give me a break. Illegals can get a drivers license in our state. Give me another break. Common sense is no longer common. It seems to be the exeption.
  4. Or drop the magazine or hit the slide release instead of the safety... But this guy has a deep understanding of physics. He knows that if you move the gun forward when you shoot, whatever fps the gun is traveling is added to the bullet speed. Ask Einstein. It's true! And i your buddy is near the perps... F him!
  5. Good thread! This one tops the killer rattlesnake and killer tick threads of the past. I keep visualizing some heavy set old guy (yes, I resemble that remark) rolling out of his Toyota Forerunner in the Lenice parking lot and trying to pull his gun out of his too-tight waders.

    Going to think twice now before I troll through someone's back casting space! A bunch of flyfishers packin'......
  6. Going to think twice now before I troll through someone's back casting space! A bunch of flyfishers packin'......

    what i mean is that in my county we are alowed to protect myself, my family and my personal property! An since mine and your tax dollars pay for a access to a pristine body of water and it gets shut down by TRASH and drug needles and etc,etc. These people need to be removed from society like the country were there from. I have spent alot of time in yakima and downtown is turning itself around slowly but they can get there just fill those busses on the side of the road back up and turn it right around back!!!!!! Just let me fish i always pack out what i pack in and i leave with more TRASH then i come there with! just saying
  7. Ribka. Your friend didn't like guns and he ran into an outdoor mj grow op in CA. And you think he would be alive if he had a pistol? Man, you are naive!
  8. Truth... He might have had God knows how many more holes in him if he had a gun...
  9. One thing that I have gather from not only this thread but from responses to similar conversations of the last year or so. Sooo many out there would rather go unprepared and huddle in a corner hoping something will not happen, rather than try to protect themselves and their loves ones. That really does show what has been ingrained in us through out our lives. From the time we are little we are taught to avoid confrontation, never fight, stay away from trouble, don't hit or fight back, go tell some one, etc. What the hell do you do when you can't? People think if they hide in the corner and are non-confrontational that the trouble will go away or leave peacefully after they crooks get what they want. Sorely misinformed!
  10. very well put luke is that a pic of the american or naches
  11. Simply put, it is a mindset.....the Sheepdog that is.

    Some will never have it and that is ok. For those that do, it may have been ingrained in them, but more often than not, it is something you are born with. Think this is a fallacy?

    Not everyone can be trained to go to battle. Even fewer have the fighting (defensive fighting) mindset instilled. But unfortunately when "it" does hit the fan, we all have to thank those who feel there is something worth fighting for.

    Now for me, on personal level, it is not only about defending my fiance and those close to me, it is also about letting those who have, are and will be fighting for US, know that they are not defending us, just so we can give their victories away.

    I stated it earlier and I will here again, if anyone (pro gun or not) wants to get a few real life accounts about how just one armed, law abiding citizen foiled a potential deadly scenario, please, look up Massad Ayoob and read some of his books. If anyone is interested, I can post a few titles that I have later tonight.
  12. LUKE77 great post !!! thank you .
  13. Chris posted: "It's a bit diturbing to read how cavalier some of you are about killing someone!"

    Chris, I'm more disturbed to see how cavalier so many people are about leaving killers and thieves walking around free in society, inflicting harm on innocent people. Seems to me that killing gangbangers and thieves is the socially responsible thing to do if we value living in a civilized society, free of the threats posed by gangsters and thieves.

  14. This is so ridiculous does not merit an explanation. Well, maybe if he was wearing carbon neutral birkenstocks, patchouli oil and a COEXIST (spelled with religious symbols) bumper sticker he might have survived. Gosh if he had only known
  15. Hear Pass Lake has experienced zero gang activity.
  16. The prohibition of drugs is what finances these gangs, if it was legal no one would buy it from them( being illegal never stopped anyone from doing drugs). The war on drugs has been going on for decades and is an abject failure. No one would be cookin meth if they could buy drugs from a store! I never said crime did not exist, and you have no idea what I have or have not experienced. You have every right to your opinion, but there is no need to belittle or pigeon hole me, it adds nothing to the discussion.
  17. Not quite true. I witnessed the lake completely taken over by the Fidalgo gang several times.
  18. So you think buying meth at Walgreens and Rite Aid is the answer?
    Somehow I just don't think all these addicts are gonna just line up and take a nine to five job to support their Walgreens habit. :) It's much easier to rob unarmed citizens...
  19. NO, what I think is prohibition does not work, It never has and it never will, we are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars down the shit hole decade after decade to no avail. How long are we goning to bang our heads against the fricken wall? All that gang violence in northern Mexico is because of the drug trade in the U.S. The dude from Yakima was saying how connected the gangs there are with the cartels, how well financed, take away the money! If you want to kill a snake, don't cut off the tail, cut off the head.

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