Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. Just to be clear, the war on drugs
    was started by that great crusader of
    freedoms, Mr. Dick Millhouse Nixon, in the 70's. It is and
    still is the longest continuing war officially
    declared by the US government.

    I'm sure everyone would agree that we have
    made great strides in solving that problem.

  2. Who had the audacity to give this thread only 1 star?
  3. I agree. No expert, but it seems the evidence is pretty clear, the cartels are now invloved in he intermountain west muscling out small "mom and pop" operators who have been trafficing pot on a small or intermediate scale. No longer safe to be a hippy grower in Humboldt Co, no longer safe to move BC bud from North to South, etc... the Cartels are putting the hammer down on all of this and have designs on its control.

    Having said this, decriminalizing marajuana or legalizing will not make the cartels go away any time soon... they are large enough that they have become a cancer. Apperantly, some 40% (unsure of this stat) or more of their portfolios are tied up in the sale of legal merchandise. They are now a shifting mix of black and legal market enterprises. Legalization might take the steam our of their involvement/presence in the Columbia Basin, however... not really sure.
  4. Sorry you are wrong. Google up the War on Poverty. Beats it by about 10 years... :rofl:
  5. Phil,

    I thought poverty was fixed in the 80's
    and came back in the 11's.

    I stand

  6. As a Bike Messenger, Fly shop girl, and grad student at the time, I can assure you that poverty indeed existed in the 80s! :beathead: I remember dropping my primary food source, a GLASS jar of peanut butter, and having the glass shatter but remain intact, and eating it for the next 5 days from the middle outward to hopefully avoid the glass. Added drama was supplied by the fact that it was crunchy peanut butter. Every bite was an adventure!
  7. In the 80's I was in a
    gang of stock-brokers
    swindling the masses out
    of peanutbutter. I'll
    buy you a jar when we fish.

  8. the biggest problem with gangs is the explosive nature with regards to revenge, and that is generally limited to gang on gang violence.

    pedro kills rodrigo becuz he slept with his ho

    rodgrigos brother kills pedro

    pedros little brother, who was 7, is now 13 and got his first gun.

    he kills rodgrigos brother.

    its nothing new. its called war. they are pretty good at controling there own populations.

    The question is, how realistic of a threat is this to an eastern washington flyfisherman? in the 80's i was less then 5 years old.
  9. And to think I was upset fishing Nunnally Lake 30 years ago when a Hispanic guy was using a beer bottle as his spinning outfit and a worm, fishing in my waters! Well, seriously, thanks all for warning me about these gangs and bad guys. Wholly sh_t Batman!! Give a boy a gun.
  10. I carry a chainsaw and

    No meetings on market forcasts for me.
  11. You're a girl? I thought your name was Phil. Is it Phyllis?
  12. It's Filson
  13. This has somehow morphed into a legalize all drugs forum. The gangs in Yak and Grant County are not connected with the cartels. They make their money via res burgs, shoplifting, ripping off money and drug stashes, robberies, car thefts mail theft etc. The sell small amounts of narcotics to finance their drug usage. The Mexican drug cartels like La Familia Michuoacana and The Zetas will not bother you if you do not bother them.

    So legalize all drugs and all problems in society are solved. legalize crime and there will be no crime. Sounds like a win win situation.

    So the govt is in the business of selling meth, cocaine and heroine. Can someone function and have a job, raise a family and be a productive citizen in society when using these very addictive narcotics? Can meth and heroin be a recreational drug? Can someone use thse now legal narcotics and collect welfare, foods stamps, SSI, subsidized housing, student and small business loans? Would a bank be allowed to drug test to give someone credit? Can employers exclude/fire drug user via drug tests? ( Some hospitals fire employees that smoke) Can soldiers, cops , firemen, FBI, CIA, NSA use now legal drugs like meth and heroin?

    Who is going to work and pay taxes when one sees his/her neighbor getting high every day sleeping in late and receiving govt welfare? Who is going to work and pay into SS , medicare, taxes? Who will pay for drug treatment?

    Don't know how the heck one would tax marijuana when it is easily grown at home/back yard. Are we going to hire 10,000's of tax agents to go into people's homes to see if the pay taxes on the weed they grow?

    Look at tobacco products. The Govt has taxed it so heavily now there is a billion dollar black market in illicit and contraband tobacco products. Same would happen if the Govt legalized narcotics IMO.

    On a happier note I think a robocop type device would come in handy when addressing the gang problem:

  14. Sorry. No, I'm a guy... It was just we called each other as in "listen up shop girl, If you think for a minute I'm stocking that new Umpqua order..." Works great for underemployed guys in a retail environment. You can add that "Oh no she din't!" head shake and finger wave for added emphasis...
  15. I want to add to Ribka's post: If you're using drugs its possible that you're on the wrong side of the war on drugs. So here's an idea: stop using drugs, the demand for drugs drops, the cartels are out of business.

    By the way, data from the years of prohibition indicates that incidence of alcohol related issues such as domestic violence and DUI accidents declined dramatically. I tossed the papers referencing the study when I retired, wished I had kept them.
  16. Comparing "gang activity' and the current crop of highly addictive drugs to prohibition is a very bad analogy and quite a stretch. It is the very addictive nature of these substances that make it all possible because it creates such an insatiable demand. If you legalize it, and the production of it, you will have done nothing but give these cartels another source of supply. They will in fact outcompete our government for the customers by selling the government product at a cheaper cost. Essentially, the government will be subsidizing the very cartels they would like to erradicate.

    I can't believe any one wants to seriously consider legalizing meth.
    What are the medicinal benefits of meth?
    What is the best age to get your kids started on legalized meth?
  17. Don't worry It won't happen, not in my lifetime. Maybe pot will be legalized, but that's about as far as I see it going.
  18. These are excellent points. And I agree with Chris Johnson that, at most, we'll see pot legalized. The highly addictive hard stuff needs to be dealt with some other way (though what that "way" is, I have no idea).
  19. i'm not saying these punks are not going to mess with a flyfisherman but when a man buys a a 40 to 80,000 dolar car or truck has his drift boat or float tube and you brand new winston or bamboo rod and u take a child for his fishing trip of the year and seas these punks at the park or ramp and u take off and fish and your truck gets broke in into or he jumps you for your winston or hold you at gunpoint and you are not packing what do u do the police are 90 miles away but if your protecting yourself u have a chance to keep your shit that u worked so hard for!!!!!!

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