Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. Having finally read the "wolf/sheep" thing, as a Medieval historian I can tell you that the statement about this possibly being the most violent time in history is a total crock. That period between the fall of the Roman empire and the rise of the Carolingian empire; the time we refer to as the "dark ages" was a great deal more violent and lawless. We aren't bad off here, but the press needs to sell papers, so they sensationalize whatever they can, nothing new there! Many of my colleagues have claimed that the Roman gladius has killed more people than all the wars since. I don't know how they can back up that statement, but I'm not willing to dismiss it.
  2. Kinda' going off track a bit here, but when I suggest legalizing drugs as a means of undermining cartels, it's certainly not meant as legalizing all crimes to eliminate crime. The War on Drugs has been going on for over 40 years that I've seen and been a complete and total failure. One might say, OK, you've had your turn, now let's try an alternative and see if it does better. It can't do any worse.

    Take meth; it would most likely disappear from use and therefore manufacture. Why, you might reasonably ask. Because if common narcotic drugs were legal, you could buy a daily hit of pharmacutical grade heroin from the drugstore for $1. Yeah, a $100 a day habit would become a dollar a day habit, for those inclined, probably absorbing the vast majority of meth heads because they'd get a better recreational drug for even less money than their meth habit. (Note: I'm not recommending drug use, but simply acknowledge that a percent of our population will seek out and use drugs no matter what laws we have.)

    Because these drugs are actually quite cheap to produce and sell if it were legally allowed, the huge profit potential that attracts and creates things like drug cartels would cease to exist. Since drug cartels do exist, they, along with the DEA, LE opposed to drugs, and conservatives who are hell bent on trying to control (and failing miserably) the social behaviors they don't approve of, lead the charge against legalizing drugs. The cartels and well-meaning, but wrong-headed, folks are in it together unfortunately. Cartels would of economic necessity move on to whatever the next highest profit business that is vulnerable to their business model, securities trading probably (t.i.c.).

    Anyway, legalizing pot, meth, heroin, and other similar drugs all but eliminates the majority of the criminal activity associated with them. Murder, assault, robbery, even home burglaries would decline as the need to raise large amounts of money to purchase illegal drugs almost, but not quite, goes away.

    One post asks if a drug user can be a functional member of society, hold a job, pay taxes, etc. Although it's not the norm, there have been numerous instances over the years of functional heroin addicts. Generally it doesn't work out in the long term due as much to the high cost of heroin and varying and inconsistent quality of street heroin as to the effects of the drug on some users. As for the societal outcome, look to the Netherlands. Although certain streets of Amsterdam are replete with junkies, the overall rate of heroin use has declined since they stopped prosecuting drug use. There's a logical explanation for that too, but that involves going even further off topic.

  3. Hunh? Might want to look into what the drugs do. Kinda like saying if blood pressure medicine suddenly became dirt cheap noone would buy cholesterol medicine.
  4. Yeah, I guess the quality of a recreational drug experience is in the eye of the beholder. Probably a poor assumption on my part. Still, legal meth, like heroin, could be had super cheap compared to street prices, which is more central to my point that legalizing drugs would all but put drug cartels out of business, at least the illicit drug trade.

  5. Let's just put it this way. If the drug market worked as you suggest, nobody would do anything but alcohol and Pot. Cheap, easy to get. Look at cigarettes. They're legal. Why is there a black market? To avoid taxes. I don't smoke so I don't know how many cigarettes in a pack, or how many packs in a carton, but I read that the taxes on a carton of cigarettes is over $30! The taxes! Don't you think the taxes on drugs would be higher than the taxes on cigarettes? You really think the cartels would go away? It's kind of childish to think so.
  6. What cigarette black market do you speak of? Didn't realize this was happening in any meaningful way.

  7. I don't think the cigarette black market has gangs out and about in rural grant county boat launches.
  8. Evan, my point is that there would taxation on legalized drugs. HUGE taxation. There would be a HUGE blackmarket. The cartels would run it, divert/hijack from legal outlets, kill mofos... You know. They'd TCB.
  9. What's really f'd up is that we spend billions on Homeland Security and they can't do crap about all the meth, coke, smack and that crappy dirt weed coming up from Mexico. Biggest waste of money in the budget.
  10. Homeland Security is supposed to make us secure in our homes and private and public lives. My chances of meeting Abdul Allah Akbar Killall The Infedels standing down on the corner are pretty slim to nill. But I bet ya a dollar I can go out my door and find a bunch of gangsters willing to f with me.
  11. The anwser to all the worlds problems is the fact the criminal element needs to be sterilized so they can't repoduce. This would allow the world to slowly reduce the amount of lawyers needed as the ciminals would naturaly die out, that way lawyers who make a living of defending and prosecuting criminals would not have to turn to crime to get by ( they could become politicians and legal steal from the taxpayers). This would painlessly cleans the gene pool of unmanagable hooligan trouble makers in a humane way.
  12. Stiffer penalties. That's what keeps me from killing my neighbor, or vise versa, (I hope!). That death penalty thingamabobber is a pretty good motivator to play nice.

    Zero tolerance and no fucking appeals either. Get your shit together for a one and only trial. If you get death, then let's git 'r' done - like maybe next Tuesday instead of 25 years from now.

    You should be able to get a free gang member tag with every deer tag. :) You could bait them at the boat launches with blingy lil import cars or maybe a suitcase full of cash, or a guy dressed up as a rival gang member. Hot damn this is starting to sound like some real fun now.
  13. A lot of the problem is the liberal attitudes that prevail in our court systrms. The poor boy had a bad childhood, he comes from a depressed country, etc. etc etc.

    Back in the mid 90's a small town in Georgia brought in some light industry. This was to bolster their economy. Before the new businesses it was basically a pretty calm town. When the new businesses came in with increased population the crime rate took off.

    The City Council fed up with the rising crime rate passed a law, Everyone was required to buy a firearm. It was also required that it was everyones duty as a citizen to shoot anyone committing a felony, like stealing a car or breaking into the neighbors house. the new laws were publisized and quess what, the crime rate dropped over night.

    Makes sense to me.

    So here we are today, A six year old girl is basically sexually molested at an airport for security reasons and women can walk through with a burka covering everything thanks to the ACLU's ratial profiling BS.
    The Feds refuse to guard the southern border and then handcuff Border Patroll agents.

    There is not a country in the world that puts up with the crap of illegal border crossings that even comes close to the liberal approach the US takes. Put the National Guard on the borders and shoot the SOB's if they don't stop. Just like Mexico!

    Commit a crime and get sent back and if you return get slapped hard and break rocks. There should be NO priviledges for an illegal. No medical, no welfare no nothing. No more anchor babies.

    Raid cartell strong holds and just blast them away. Get tough and quit the excuses. Tell the ACLU to take a hike.

    Boycott Mexico, if they continue to instuct people how to get across the border so they can send money back home. No more tourists. No more trade. Cut the greedy bastards off. Let them starve in their corruption.

  14. Amen:
  15. Been to the border lately? I have.
  16. Yes I think they hijacked a load of simms waders and sage fly rods and tried to hock them at selected costco's.....thats my theory and I am sticking to it.
  17. Admins! Please lock this thread. It CANNOT get better than it just has! Troutramp for President!

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