Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. So here we are today, A six year old girl is basically sexually molested at an airport for security reasons and women can walk through with a burka covering everything thanks to the ACLU's ratial profiling BS.
    The Feds refuse to guard the southern border and then handcuff Border Patroll agents.

    what you said here is pure B.S get your facts together. basically sexually molested. But if this 6 year had had expolsives or what ever and had gotten through ,you would bitch because they DIDNT check the kid. And ther border patrol agents were working for the cartels. Get your Phucking facts straight.
  2. Wetline for president!
  3. All this talk of gangs reminded me of the gang Eastside gang wars of the early 90's.

  4. Who are we to bitch? We have given up our freedoms and rights one after the other in the name of security. There are no guarantees in life, it's a bitch and then we die. How much shit we put up with while we're here is up to us. We voted the assholes in that are running the zoo, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
    Wall Street runs the government and politicians only work at getting re-elected. They don't listen to the people and they don't care. The Big O is already planning his billion dollar re-election, nothing done the first two years and nothing will get done the next two. It's all about his job.
    Mexicans stand outside Home Depot by the dozens every day, no one does anything, do you think they're here legally? Ha!
    We have three wars going and owe trillions to the Chinese. WTF is wrong with this picture. The largest sector of employment is law enforcement of one type or another including prisons and probation officers. We have millions locked up in this country.
    Medical costs are the biggest drain on the economy and Big O just made it bigger. The pill companies own his ass too. They bark, he jumps.
    And we're pissing and moaning about the Norteno and Soreno's, fuck'em.

    It's a spiritual problem...that ought to get a comment or two...
  5. John Clark would know how to fix this.
  6. :clown:
  7. People accountable for their actions, choices and etc, whats the world coming too.
  8. I worked down on the border two years ago for 4 months. Ever see a barrel full of human torsos filled with acid?
    Pretty gruesome stuff going on down there. I think bad enough to make Roman gladius blush.

    Would rather discuss nymphing vs swinging or is fishing with an indicator really "fly fishing"
  9. Like Charlie Sheen?
  10. I kinda thought everything was the big O's fault. That settles it, I'm voting for Sara or maybe............................................................Charlie! Wonder if we could talk Charlie into running for prez? He has some classy 1st lady material.
  11. I have seen some stuff, never a barrel full of human torsos, When I was about 11 or 12 afriend and I discovered a body in a car that had been shot, and was there for a couple of days, and a decapitated head in a canal, this was all in PHX, my uncle lives on a ranch in the Dos cabezas, they run into some crazy stuff, at times. About a month ago we had a shooting right in front of my house two guys stood in the middle of the street in front of my house and shot up the house two doors down with full auto firearms. I helped the police spot and pick up shells I counted 30 9mm shells and 20 Ak 7.6x39 shells. some of them were on my front door step. I have had too many encounters with gang bangers, drug addicts, and homeless/ vagrants, to even recall every incident. I was in highschool when they had the rodney king riots at south mountain highschool, they locked the school down and I was almost stuck there, in a school full of gangbangers and other dip shits while they were trying to burn the place down. I escaped the school through the back fence. The Gangs are not as noticable around here anymore though they all work for the cartels anyway so there is no more "turf wars" so to speak. What you have up there is a population of punks that have nothing better to do, thats why they dont have an answer as to why they are "gangbangers" they just say it's where/how I grew up, ya whatever. I saw the videos, real gangsters dont video themselves to gain street cred, but whatever.
  12. I hate to gloat but that was pretty good heheheeh.
  13. your all right in a way but the comment of mexicans at homedepot some stores wont let them hang on the property so they hang off the property but here in gig harbor they will get kicked of the property now don't see them much anymore but how many of you will get off your asses and go pick apples or cherrys? also on the op or kp the brush pickers wtf i was out one day pheasent hunting with my fisrt birddog and we went into the timber to get that rooster dog flushed it and i drew up and a phucking mexican stepped out of the brush no orange, no shirt, and just shorts and i'm sure he had to shit himself and he was not alone they were 10 deep. I'm glad i did not waste a round on that dipshit. And another thing last time i checked our language was english and if u don't speak it get the f out that should be law
  14. Anyone else find the irony here?
  15. Wut. U dont read amerikun gud? Dat dere is strait talk!
  17. evan read the book called Ted,White and Blue
    Uncle Ted For President
  18. If Chloe's dad meant what he wrote, he'll be moving out of the country shortly.
  19. i'm not moving out of the county i like it here and my wife and i work really hard to keep our home but i just don't like free loaders there's no taxes being collected for brush picking all u have to have is a yearly permit and they give u a gate code but tend to wonder off of state land onto mine and if they don't read english they say me no understand and if you put up a hotwire and its not labeled they have a leg to stand on just saying

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