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  1. First garage sale ever and I need some advice. I was thinking of having Sat/Sun Labor Day Weekend. A neighbor advised that is bad timing. Everyone travels on Summer's last 3-day weekend/ Should I hold off until week after Labor Day. I was in garage putting prices on various items. She said not to bother since people will want to bargain over price. Really? I am a flyfisher with rods and reels dating back to when I was twelve (I'm seventy six now). It would save time preparing since I have 20 rods to relocate ?What's best? I also plan to move salt water "stuff" and spin/casting rods and reels. She advised to not mix different fishing genders. I told her I wasn't planning on opening a shop; just trying to move some stuff out of my closets. She said I should first try e-bay. I think she is trying to helpful but confused more than ever. By the way, I live in West Seattle. any advice or recommendations will be appreciate.
  2. Yep.
  3. Timing wise I would agree. Labor Day weekend you will see fewer pickers.

    For selling regular furniture, clothes, etc I think a garage sale is a good venue. If you are simply trying to clean out your closet of fishing gear, a garage sale will work, but you will be selling to a much smaller audience than the internet provides. If you are hoping to get a high value for your stuff, then selling it in the classifieds on WFF will expose it to a more targetted audience. Putting it on ebay will expose it to the largest audience, but they take a 5% - 9% commission.

    If you move ahead with a garage sale, it helps to advertise the items you have for sale to draw more traffic in addition to directional signs from major streets near your location. Expext to have the hard core pickers show up before your posted hours looking for a steal. I would put prices on any big ticket items and have an idea what you want to get out of the rest. If you are downsizing, keep in mind that anything you don't sell is going to Goodwill or you are moving it. Sometimes it is worth selling something for less than you think it is worth just so they haul it away for you.

    I hope that helps.
  4. Pick a weekend & advertise on Craig's list the hoards will come, mention in your ad a few of your better rods . ebay is great except when it comes to shipping the rods ,that becomes a pain. I like to see prices so I know & don't offend the seller by offering a price deemed to low by the seller. Some of the older glass rods are now back in demand so don't sell your self any hardy reels they go fast.
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  5. advertise on Craig's List (& any local papers) mention some of what you're offering... expect the "haggle" expect the re-sellers to buy your stuff for pennies than turn around & charge dollars... big dollars. Price what you can... don't bother with Labor Day Weekend (unless you're on the route to someplace special)... & I agree: you should offer the fine fly fishin' folks here on WFF first choice... make it easier on yourownself. & Good Luck!
  6. I'd sell the fishing stuff here or CL, and skip the garage sale. Garage sales tend to be well attended at the first half of the summer, then attendance tapers off as you get closer to the fall. I always tried to have mine the week or two before July 4 weekend.
  7. I say have it. There's a quite a few folks who avoid travel on holidays so I think you will still have a good many folks out and about the local area who will show up. For sure use CL as it is a great place to advertise and the hard core garage sale folks use it like a yellow pages. My wife and I, on the other hand, are drawn like magnets to signs... you know, the ones that lead you on a wild goose chase down all sorts of twists and turns... only to peter out, have you swearing at the rotten bass-turds who forgot to take their signs down from last week :).
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  8. THANKS lCHIEF. I WANT TO STAY AWAY FROM E-BAY AND SENDING STUFFhalh way across US but realize impact. Good thoughts and advice
  9. thanks to all !! I'd rather see stuff go to someone I might meet up with on the water. Damn this has gotten more difficult than anticipated.
  10. Go ahead and put prices on your fishing gear. Just don't put on what you paid for it as you won't get it. Just what ever you think you could get for it. I always put my spinning rods and fly gear together. Hell, it's just fishing gear.Yes, a weekend other than a holiday is a good time.
  11. I would watch selling fly fishing stuff at a garage sale. If it is valuable and you would be disappointed to if you lost some I would choose to sell elsewhere. You get a lot of people and get distracted or the teams that sometime show up one distracts and the other helps themselves. I think you will find a different group of people listing on craigslist, a forum or ebay. Shipping might be a hassle but it might be worth the effort depending on what you have. I would personally not put expensive gear out in a garage sale. You get a lot of flakes, people looking for a bargain (or stuff to resell) and I would think few of the people you are looking for.
  12. There are an awful lot of lifters that go to garage sales. They could take some of your nicer stuff before you knew it was gone.

    I say Craigslist it and only accept cash. Local sales only.
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