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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kyle Smith, May 27, 2006.

  1. Anybody else getting really anxious about June 1st? My bosses are taking Thursday off, those bastards. I was tempted to say I have an appointment that day. All winter long I drooled over pictures of the hogs people pulled out of the Cedar and got all excited. But despite my growing excitement about being able to fish almost anywhere I want, and after an April Montana trip, the Cedar sounds more lame the more I think about it. Perhaps I'll hit 405 S on my way home from work once in a while for a little urban trout experience, but I really have my sights set on the Naches, Sky+Sno forks, Yakima, and all those mountain trickles I've crossed in the past 9 months that surely hold fish.
  2. Right there with ya. I have a countdown on my computer until June 1st!
  3. yep, jun 1st on the cedar is always on my calendar. i live abt 10 min away and have been driving by occasionally to check the flows...relatively high, and this blast of rain this weekend won't help for wading, but more water is good for fish. i think i will pick a spot on opening day and fish it, but don't think i will be able to wade for any length upstream or downstream for awhile. be careful when you do go out, i had a close call on the cedar two years ago.
  4. I fished every other day last summer, and it was fine to wade. Even in some spots half way up my wader boot. What are considered "normal" flows for the Cedar upstream a couple bridges from the park?
  5. Just floated the cedar today to get a look at it, boy the river is runnin hard with no visibility,cant wait to wet a line this week.
  6. As I write, the flow levels in the Cedar is at 1650 cfs, which is very high. My notes from the first week of June last year (which was after a dry winter) indicate that the flow was around 250 cfs, which was very wadable. In 2004, on June 9, the flows were about 350 cfs which was tough wading, at least in the upper section where I was fishing that day. I'm guessing the river is going to have to drop a lot before it is readily fishable. There's not much rain in the forecast this week, so it should drop some. If it drops only a little, you might be able to pick around the edges in places. If we're lucky, maybe the PUD is letting a lot of water flow now and will start impounding more when the season opens, but somehow I doubt that they have fishing seasons figured into their flow schedule at all.
  7. Thanks for the answer! I realy should start a journal...
  8. Journals can serve many purposes! :) more than flow levels.
  9. The only fish in that river are suckers and squawf........errr, pikeminnows.
  10. dang, with it that high, let's run a float! Jk!
  11. i thought you were heading to the Yak?
  12. We're gonna scare you all away from our back yard, and hell yeah, nothin but suckers and pike minnows, stay home then LOL >=)

    Earl Smith
  13. I stppped and checked the river under the bridges by Maplewood GC and it is pretty swift. I don't think I want to step into that water yet. Also wondering how the hell are you going to get a fly down deep enough.
    I may just give it a few more weeks till it comes down.
    I think I'll hit lake McDonald instead.
    I'll look for Cedar reports the next few days.
    Be safe guys.

  14. Isnt lake McDonald private? Because I thought it was. If not, hows the fishing there?
  15. yes, it is a private lake and you must know someone on the lake to fish it. I'm fortunate and know 2-3 people. I have fished this lake on and off for 20 years now. The lake community pools their money to stock the lake. This year I was told they put in sterile steelhead as well as rainbow trips, Donaldson's I do believe.
    How does it fish? Pretty damn well. In those 20 years I switched from bait to flies and have had some awesome days with black buggers. Fish this year are averaging 15-17 inches. Denny Rickerts nymphs and olive willy's were working last time I was there. It is a deep lake so it will hold up well into the summer. After the first month, there is very little fishing pressure with the exception of the bassers right now.
    Great lake, great people on the lake. I "tip" my access people by leaving little gifts on on their porches (nice bottle of red or some beers).

    It's king time right now on Elliott Bay. Time to fill the freezer.

  16. My son and his friend fish the lake occasionally. They always catch something and they inideed seem to be in the 15 inch size from the pictures I have seen.

    My son and his friend to chores for the people who give them access.


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