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  1. Like the title says I'm getting married. My fiance told me we should go to AK for our honey moon so we can fish! The problem is I feel bad because although she loves fishing I think she would have a better time in the tropics. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tropical fish destination that won't bankrupt the average person? It would be mid-late summer next year.
  2. The least expensive travel warm destination would be somewhere in Florida. The guides might cost more per day, but the lodging will be much cheaper and higher quality.
  3. Yeah Florida crossed my mind. I was thinking outside the continental US. Preferably somewhere with culture. I would be going to okinawa but flights are ungodly expensive.
  4. That pretty much rules out Australia, unless you are talking fermenting yeast cultures. Costa Rica would probably be fun.
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  5. There's always Baja. I'd probably recommend you stay at a secure resort and use a resort guide and boat but you can still get some pretty cheap deals to fish Baja.
  6. Is it that much more expensive to fly to Florida as it is to Hawaii? I know a guide in Montana that lives in Hawaii 8 months out of the year and he says the fishing is great. He tracks every fish he catches for every year he's there and last year (8 months) he caught over 400 bone-fish.

    He said that was a low year. :confused:
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  7. Check out Sanabel Island. Its on the gulf side of Florida. Very nice beaches. Fishing in the salt for various species is good and you can also go to freshwater rivers and lakes for bass and other warm water species. If she's particularly adventuresome there's always gator huntin'!
  8. Check into the bone fishing at Easter Island. Don't know about the cost but I have friends who have gone and they say it is superb. Also, few people know that the bone fishing is pretty good at the Cayman Islands. You have to take a boat over to the Little Caymans but once you get there you have miles and miles of beaches with very few people around. Great spot for some beach romancing and a little fishing on the side.
  9. Great fishing in Mexico/Baja and you can really leverage your dinero's. Congratulations and have fun wherever you decide.
  10. Thanks for all the help. I'm thinking AK first then Baja , easter island would be epic! I'm going to have to run it by her
  11. Practice these sentances:
    Yes honey, I was wrong.
    I agree with you, I was wrong.
    No your ass does not look large in that outfit...
    I love you & I was wrong.
  12. & remember:
    "If a man is alone in the woods, he's still wrong"
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  13. Just do whatever she wants without argument or pause.
    Might as well get used to it..;)
  14. Hunter, we will be celebrating our 47th anniversary next month. From my experience I would have to say that marriage is about the most fun you can have legally. I can't imagine anything better.

    I could give you some great advice as a rookie just starting out but it will be much more gratifying if you find out for yourself. Have fun. Always.

  15. I'd take a look at Belize depending on what time of year you want to go. If you can avoid the rainy/hurricane season it's amazing, and all the saltwater fishing you could ever want. Plus the people are really friendly and the food is good.
  16. Southwest Florida is a great destination. I have done a lot of fishing near Boca Grande and down around Naples and it is hard to beat.

    If you are set on international travel, Mexico, Belize and the Bahamas are probably some of the more affordable choices.

    Congratulations :)
  17. I'd 2nd Belize and Mexico. I took my wife to El Pescador in Belize for our honeymoon back in '08. Even though she's not really into fishing she absolutely loved it. While not exactly "cheap", we saved quite a bit with their "Two-fer" deal which I think they still offer during the summer low season. Not sure they still do this, but they kindly offered to upgrade us to a villa for no extra charge since it was our honeymoon, but only if one was available when we checked in. Fortunately one was. I can't say enough nice things about El Pescador. They make you feel like family from the minute you step off the dock.

    If you're not set on staying at a resort or hotel you can save a ton by renting a house or condo (we used VRBO). Although, some condos are associated with full service resorts which is what we did on our trip to Baja in April. That was an anniversary trip which ranked right up there with Belize - and was much more affordable. Booking that same unit through the resort would have be at least twice the cost. Haven't been to the Bahamas but we're considering a family vacation there doing the rental thing. So far it doesn't look horribly expensive.

    Here's a taste of Belize:

    And Baja:

    Congrats and hope you have a great time wherever you choose!
  18. Thanks for the help and advice. Happy wife happy life. She says beliz it is! Rooster fishing. Yes please
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  19. You know that part in the Preamble to the Constitution; "ensure domestic tranquility"? Now you know what it means.....
  20. Remember the saying. Happy wife, happy life.
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