Getting ready for some searuns

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Hillbilly Redneck, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Are you using mallard flank?
  2. Yes. On both the muddlers and spiders. I've got a bunch of different colors but the natural is my favorite.
  3. The reverse spider has fast become one of my absolute favorite flies.
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  4. I absolutely love the reverse spider. Haven't fished for SRC in rivers in a number of years, but it was always my "go-to" fly.
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  5. Way back when, an old pattern called " Chappie" was productive for SRC for me, similar to a Silver Hilton with an thin orange floss body
  6. Great idea with the magnets on the base, going to have to steal that idea
  7. nicely tied!
  8. With the recent storms and the visibility issues of the N.F. Stilly this year I'm not sure how the cutthroat fishing is going to shake out. But just in case I tied up a few more of my favorites.

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  9. I have even caught silvers on this fly. It is one of my favorite flies in the box. It is cutty crack that is for sure.

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