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  1. We had been planning on going down to Yosemite NP. After much discussion we are shifting plans to Glacier. Main reason is the shorter drive distance so we can spend more time on vacation and less of it in the rig on the road. Any info you are willing to share on GNP would be great. We will be towing over our tent trailer and the family favors KOA kamping because of kid friendly activity.
  2. Yosemite is the spot it's fishing really good now. You really can't beat the sierras
  3. ......uhh-did you read the part where he said he is going to Glacier?:rolleyes:
  4. Nope!
  5. West slope cutthroat, southfork flathead, and spotted bear river 48 miles back in the wilderness past hungry horse reservoir. A couple that come to mind right off hand.

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  6. Good change, Ed; Yosemite's not worth the price of admission. Ever since the slide and the flood, the park service used that as an excuse to completely fuck it up. Getting rid of Curry as much as they could, jacking up the fees, and eliminating a lot of inexpensive little "cabin" lodging in the valley. Campgrounds within the park are jammed. There's a few spots I know of in the Sierra, but for the most part, it's gone downhill considerably over the last decade. Too many people, too little law enforcement, too much trash, and too expensive.

    There's several KOA campgrounds near Glacier, East Glacier near St. Mary, and West Glacier. Here's that phone #
    don't miss Going-to-the-Sun highway, some great hikes, incredible turquoise water, and lots of fishing all over the place. Yellowstone it's not, but it also doesn't draw the tourists like Old Faithful, either. Bon voyage!
  7. Glacier is awesome Ed, watch out for Grizzlies and be prepared for snow maybe except for August.
    If you Pm me your address and I'll send you a fishing GP book that may be dated but has some detail.There are lot's of day hikes that I think the kids would enjoy and you might be able to sneak a few casts in.
    And don't forget to watch out for Grizzlies.
  8. This thread is awesome already! Thanks.
  9. To really temp you, there's the Izak Walton inn right outside the park, too! You can get there by cutting over at Superior off I-90, and head up through Kalispell. You might be able to take a side trip to Ronan, to see Dan Toelke's bow shop, too! Who knows? You could wind up ditching your wheelbow and come back with one of his Whips!!!
  10. Just say no to trying any new bow! I have two Athens compounds, got the wife a PSE Chaos, the girls have PSE Mini-burner and Diamond Nuclear Ice. We are set! I'm a busy fool with a lot of minor distractions each getting a tad bit of my free time. I don't have the time to commit to TRAD bow madness. My wheel bow was kill capable in my hands after about 20 shots out to 30 yards. Each time out I get a bit tighter groups and longer range. In fact, this weekend, I put group after group into a paper plate sized area out to 60 yards. Now I'm looking for another fridge and freezer for the man basement!

    Jason needs to get himself a lefty bow and fast!

    Back to vacation though, we will likely stay in one of the KOAs. I'm excited to hike the trails with the girls and fly rod in my pack. Speaking of pack, are personal defense ballistic tools permitted in the park? This papa bear wants to make sure that I'm taking all available means to give my cubs time to escape any too close encounter. With the amount of noise my clan makes in the woods we won't surprise any creature that is not deaf and dumb, but just in case.
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  11. What Rick Sharp said. Also be ready to spread those cheeks at anyone of those KOAs up there. Ouch!
  12. The KOA kosts are okay for kamping with kids. Here are usually a few fun distractions for them. Wife likes that there are folks up doing rounds all night too.
  13. I used to work at the Many Glacier hotel. Even if you don't stay at the lodges they are worth a visit.
    Bring bear spray and heed the rangers advice about closed trails. I've hiked all over that park without incident.
    I'm jealous!
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  14. Good choice! In my opinion Glacier is the best of the National Parks. We've been to Glacier and Waterton two of the last three summers, spotting multiple bears, moose, a mountain lion and just missing a wolverine by minutes.

    I can't help with camping as we've always booked lodging waaaayyyy in advance at various lodges.

    I fished it briefly with the kids and there are fish to catch, but honestly I turn the trip into more of a hiking, photography and animal spotting journey for the kids.

    When you travel the Going to the Sun road to Logan Pass, get up there early! The lot fills quickly and you don't want to be circling endlessly hoping for someone to leave. Most everyone there is hiking for several hours, so parking lot turnover isn't fast. The other alternative is to take one of the red bus rides up to Logan Pass. Once there, you'll be surrounded by goats, marmots and bighorn sheep. This is where we just missed the wolverine last year.

    The best spot for grizzlies and moose is definitely Many Glacier. Stop in the lodge for a trail map and find out if any are closed due to bear activity. Just a little down the road is the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn where many of the trails begin. There are usually volunteers with spotting scopes set up in the parking lot to point out hillside bears, etc. It is a very short hike to Fishercap lake and if you just sit there you're guaranteed to see multiple moose come out to feed almost like they're on a schedule for tourists. If the girls are good hikers, the trip to Iceberg lake is beautiful (about 10 miles). There was a mayfly hatch the day we went.

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  15. Ed, I'll check my library for books tonight if you want. I've been a couple of times and caught fish every place I wet a line and both times, saw moose and bear from the road. Ditto the comments on Going to the Sun - it is not to be missed!

    I stayed at the west entrance KOA about 10 yrs ago and the owners were awesome. When I checked in, I was running a fever, it was cold, dark and raining so they insisted I take a cabin instead of setting up my tent - and then refused to charge me a dime! If the same owners are there, I highly recommend it!
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  16. Ed...I mailed you Schneider's "Fishing Glacier Park".

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  17. All kinds of great advice here. I'd add:
    1. Take the ride in the car up Going-to-the-Sun. I've driven it several times, it's a lot better if you ride and let somebody else drive. It's beautiful, and you do not want to take your eyes off the road if you drive. And the cars are cooler than hell. You'll start collecting cars, now, mumbles.
    2. Fishing: Don't forget outside the park: the Flathead forks on the west, and the lakes on the Blackfoot Res. on the east. If you was to ask, I'd tell you there's no fish in either of 'em, so you shouldn't waste more than a few days pursuing those alternatives.
    3. We've always stayed in the park. Ranger campfire talks mesmerize kids, as well as old geologists like me. They may come to the KOA, if so, do one...plants, critters,'s a great experience. And take a guided hike. Most of the rangers doing those deals are volunteers, many are excellent scientists, all have a great love for what they do, and watch out, it'll infect you and your kids.
    4. Bear spray. No guns, bear spray. You can't carry a handgun that'll do crap to a griz. Bear spray. Bear spray.
  18. Mind the bears, seriously. I'd get bear mace and carry it, watch video on the correct way to use it, too. Also, insure that at least one old, fat guy is nearby that can't outrun you or the kids.:p
  19. I wouldn't worry much about the bears, you might see one if you go out and look for them. Just make noise in the back country and you'll be ok. We go up there every year and I've only seen one grizzly and he was in high gear heading away from us, however the deer will eat your food right off the table or anywhere else they can find it. The conservation officers patrol the campgrounds and gets a little upset (125$) if your food is left out. Have fun and take the kids by goat lick while your there.
    Don't forget to hit the hungry horse cafe for the best homemade chicken fried steaks and eggs you'll ever find.
  20. A few years back when a father and daughter got mauled by a grizzly at Glacier, that was our good friends and it can happen even with preparing for whats around the corner. Make noise dude!! Maybe even start packing

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