Glacier NP Info?

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  1. I don't worry much about my airline flight crashing, either, but I always hook my seatbelt.
  2. Speaking of pack, are personal defense ballistic tools permitted in the park? This papa bear wants to make sure that I'm taking all available means to give my cubs time to escape any too close encounter. With the amount of noise my clan makes in the woods we won't surprise any creature that is not deaf and dumb, but just in case.[/quote]

    Yes, they are. You have a CCP? All national parks several years ago were mandated to honor the states' concealed carry permits.

    Last time we were there, my right boot was repeatedly attacked by a crazed shoelace-starved yellow marmot, who wouldn't quit even after I gave him the boot. Lofted the little sucker about 10 yards, right through the uprights!
  3. WA, not MT. Unsure I can get into the UT course that allows reciprocation of concealed carry in 31 states. I better look into that.

    We will make noise hiking for sure. I will have spray for sure. I am familiar with its use. When traveling with your family I think the more prepared and capable the better.
  4. When are you heading out? I'm doing a multiday fishing/rafting flat on the Upper Middle Fork of the Flathead with the Trout TV team in mid-July and can get you some local intel from them if you want it. If that's too late to be of help, you could just contact the Glacier Anglers (part of the Glacier Outdoor Center) in West Glacier, MT.
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  5. Your WA CPL is honored by MT outside the park. Feds actually have jurisdiction in a national park and as Alex mentioned, they have to honor permits. So you are OK either way.

    We are heading to Glacier during the second week of August and plan to tent camp at Kintla Lake or Bowman Lake. Anyone have experience with those sites? Open to other suggestions.
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  6. Fly-by, thanks for that update. Very good to know.

    Dan and Fly-by, dates are uncertain as we just shifted and recently. The Mrs is supposed to plug all our conflict dates into her calendar and choose the best option. I will post up dates when I know more.

    Builder, huge thanks. The fly fishing GNP book arrived today. Thank you.
  7. I just booked a riverfront site at the Big Creek campground which is on the NF Flathead. It's outside the park (across the river) in the Flathead national forest and appears to have much better availability than the two campgrounds inside the park that take reservations.
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  8. Ed,

    What is your ETA? I live maybe 3 miles from the Blankenship Bridge.


    PM inbound.
  9. Just back from a backpack. Will catch my breath and catch up. Thanks all.
  10. Fishing GNP is a lot of fun. The grizzlies in GNP are much less habituated than the YNP bears, but I'd still put my bear-aware radar up and keep it up.

    Many of the streams and lakes in GNP are oligotrophic - nutrient poor. So the fish are on the small side, but those Westslope Cutties are a lot of fun and there are plenty of them willing to take a fly.


    Keep in mind there are many things to do in GNP including going on a horseback ride with your family. The corral for this ride is across the road from the Many Glacier Hotel.



    It's a beautiful place to play.

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  11. Just heard that GNP brochures are now recommending carrying a sidearm in the back country. Have not confirmed this, though. Anyone?

    Personally, even bear spray is useless if you don't practice the ol` fast draw/fast deploy. A charging sow at 30 yards will be on you before you can get either out if you're not skilled in it's use. This is why double rifles were created. Think shotgun, but it has to fit. Lots to be said for the H&H .700 Nitro Express double rifle, with 1000 grains in each tube. The charging bear is the least of your worries if you touch that baby off, even though you needn't hit the bear. The shock wave of the passing "naval ordnance" would be enough to turn him into jelly!:eek:
  12. I guess anything is possible, but this would be a real shocker!
  13. My thought also, Lonnie. Especially given their reticence to allow any firearms at all until the ccp national legislation was rammed down their throats!
  14. If the reason for recommending a sidearm in the back country is grizzly bears, then the recommendation should include what type sidearm. After reading everything I could on the subject, the expert advice distills down to anything less than .44 mag is a poor choice. I guess .357 etc. just make bears mad when they are shot with them. Still seems like an odd recommendation, if true.

    Last I heard, ADF&G still recommends NOT shooting bears because that typically results in a mad bear. Pepper spray and noise makers are recommended over shooting because shooting bears only works if a lethal shot is fired (with a .44 mag or larger). And lethal shots are difficult at close range fast moving targets, like charging bears, and few people have actually been successful at this. I did read of one hunter who successfully saved his partner by making a close range lethal shot with his .44 mag sidearm. One.

    The .700 Nitro would be comforting, but seriously, who would carry it? All types of bear "gear" is useless if you don't or can't effectively deploy it. That's why I keep a whistle on a lanyard around my neck. Much faster to start making noise with that than unholstering either bear spray or .44, let alone a .700 double gun, assuming one doesn't backpack all day long with it at the ready with thumb on the safety.

  15. July 9th-15th with a slow trip there with side distractions. Anyone gonna be in the area?
  16. Hi Ed,
    My wife and I plan to be there the week after you and your family before heading to the St. Joe for a gathering of old friends.
  17. SG, you are sooo right on target here! Even the spray is worthless if you haven't practiced repeatedly to deploy the stuff! I've never heard of anyone putting in the time with the spray to make sure the muscle memory works. But the .700, now that's different. You have this ritual you go through: call for the gun bearer, who hands you the rifle, adjust your old school tie and make sure the cuffs of your tattersall shirt are at just the right length, shoulder the firearm, discharge same, and instantly teleport what's left of your shoulder to the next county... Gotta love the imagination of those Brits!:D
  18. We were supposed to leave Monday morning. Then I'm told we should leave when I get home from work Friday. I left for work ready. No one else got ready. Now we are to leave early today. It is now almost 7 PM and we are now ready for me to start the drive.


    Maybe we make it to snoqumie pass or Ellensburg and I get to set up camp in the dark.

    Anyone interested in meeting my clan along the way, shoot me a message. We are planning a slow and fragmented trip with some fun along the way, not really arriving at glacier until Monday or Tuesday.
  19. You can always stop for a "pee break" at exit 174 at the edge of Moses Lake. I'm about 1.5 miles north of there.

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