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  1. FS Glass Rods

    I bought these rods with the hope of getting out and chasing more trout and warm water freshwater fish. Over the last several years though I have changed focus completely and have turned mainly to the salt for my fly fishing fix. These rods are in excellent to great shape. Some real classics that will hopefully find a good home in fly fishing addict’s glass collection:

    (1) (SOLD) Diamondback Diamondglass 8 ft 4 wt 2 piece (Factory rod, tube and cool flannel rod cover)
    Great rod with a bit more power than a normal glass rod. Rod is in excellent condition. No issues no problems. Only problem though is that the aluminum tube that houses the rod has a bend in it. The rod is perfectly fine. Just the tube is bent.

    (2) Diamondback Diamondglass 8 ft 5 wt 3 piece (Factory rod, tube and cool flannel rod cover)
    Great rod that has that classic glass feel. Rod is in excellent condition. No issues no problems. Great trout or even warm water rod.

    (3) Fenwick Feralite FF856 – 8 ½ ft 6 wt 2 pc (Factory Rod, Tube and cover)
    Classic Fenwick. Great for warm water freshwater fishing. Great classic feel
    $60 - buyer to pay paypal and shipping

    Thanks for looking. Please send me a PM or you can contact me at flue_fisker at yahoo.com


  2. Ill take the 4wt!!!
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  3. you won't regret buying that 4wt. a terrific all-around trout rod. i almost bought it just to have another one!
  4. Diamondback 4 wt sold....that was fast....thanks Sean

  5. Great catch Sean!! Those are well made rods!! Great price!

    someone should take the 5 weight before I dive in~ ... I have too many 5 weights now... but there are always one more 5 weight ...

  6. All of the Diamondglass rods are sold and have been shipped out. I still have the Fenwick. Willing to sell it for $70. Buyer pays shipping and paypal. Seems fair for such a good classic rod.

    Thanks for looking

  7. Monday morning bump...Thanks

  8. Last bump on the Fenwick Rod. Dropped the price to $60.

    Buyer to pay shipping and paypal....

    Thanks for looking

  9. And another last bump for a nice glass rod...

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