Glue-on Scotty rod holders

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Dipnet, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. So just got my new Creek Company Voyager and am in the process of setting it up the way I want it.

    Anyone use the Scotty holders with the glue-on mount? Thinkin' this might be a good way to go for trolling.

    Seems like the base accommodates a number of the Scotty rod holders. I see Scotty makes a normal bait-cast/spin rod holder which is fairly inexpensive and lightweight but they also market a special fly-rod holder which is more pricey. I believe they both mount into the glue-on base.

    So why do I need the specialty fly-rod model? Can't I use the cheaper bait/spin model?
  2. The glue on base is great. I put two on my Assault, one forward of the oars, and one behind me. The one behind me I will usually put the triple mount attachment and carry a couple rods back there, I am taking three rods out on the lake with me, with different lines. I use only the fly mount holders, and they are the best I have used. My spey rods fit when I took the boat down the Ronde without issues as well. Can't comment on the other model, but why struggle to save a couple bucks?

  3. Glue on will work but scotty does have a strap mounted base, thats what's on mine. Works good and I can use it on my float tube too.

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  4. I would seriously love to see a picture of this rigged up. I bought the Scotty triple rod holder for my assault and cannot figure out a way where I can mount it where it'd make sense. It's puzzling!

    Share your wisdom here! :)
  5. I will try to get a pic this weekend for ya.

  6. Since the Voyager has bladders under a thinner outer cover, I'd use a strap-on mount. Since my Scotty rod holder is a fly line magnet, I'd want to be able to be able to move it around until I found the right spot.

    Fly rod holders have a slot to feed the handle and reel into or through with a cut out for the reel near the bottom of the holder. A spinning/casting rod handle goes down into the spin rod holder with no slot and rests on the reel at the top that simply wouldn't work for a fly rod & reel.

    Hope that helps

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  7. Thanks for the tips guys! And Brian, your comment about the rod holder being a fly line magnet makes me think I should, as a right-hander, mount the holder on the boat's left side so as to better keep it away from the line. Is that what most folks do?

  8. Here's the pics:
    assault 1.JPG Assault 2.JPG Assault 3.JPG

    The rod holder on the back will hold three rods if desired, that is how I went down the Grande Ronde this year, with three spey rods in there, straight up in the air. When in a lake, I use the forward holder for trolling. Since the rods are behind me and over my left shoulder, they do not get in the way for casting, unless I am stupid with my cast. The rods do not get in the way of the oars either with this set up. The Scotty mount on the back is a wrap around one that I use for the Scotty anchor. I got the stripping apron from NRS and added D-rings for the front of the apron. Added some other D-rings up front to strap gear down for overnite floats.

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  9. Greetings, I'm new to this forum and NFO products. I was wondering what glue you used on the Scotty mount and D rings. Where did you buy the D rings? I am researching doing the same thing with a blue Challenger XXX. I have only seen pictures of the D rings NRS sells and aren't sure if they would match the NFO blue color or not. By the way, nice setup!

  10. I got my stuff at NRS. I used the PVC D-rings, not as beefy as the hypalon ones but matches the material on the Assault. Used Pliobond adhesive. The color is not a perfect match at all.

  11. Ok, thanks for the information. I am still trying to get OEM D rings from NFO, so I did not know if it would be easier and quicker to just use the NRS ones instead.

  12. DUDE, we so think alike,

    And I too have the Tree:

    Going on Third year and still good. I did use Stabond for PVC. I do use the secure straps on the holders and a leash on the tree.
  13. And I just bought a pair of used omega flip fins today


  14. You must be a lefty
  15. That is also what I was thinking. Personally, I would want that single rod holder to my right. I can't quick draw with my left hand.;)

    Blue... How is that stripping apron attached closest to the rower? Mine came with fairly long straps, but not that long. I finally gave up trying to get it to work on the Assault XX. Looks like your straps go around the tubes, or you modified it somehow.

    Also, it appears you dip the right oar to clear the single rod holder with your oar handle. Does that just become second nature after awhile? Probably not an issue on stillwater.

  16. My apron isn't as close as Waynes, but that was my choice. I did have to add D rings to hook the front of the Apron, and Velcro Ribbon to wrap around the pontoon on the back, but I could reach the side bag ring. I do have to deep dig the right oar to clear the front rod, but after that it is smooth sailing.
    May I add, there is also some killer Camera Mount stuff by Scotty as well. It will accept either regular camera or GoPro.
    Of course this front one is on my Renegade

    And with the Extension or PVC and imagination, you can mount it behind you for some killer hands on movies.

    Another good reason for the glue ons...LOL
  17. Good info here, guys.

    But back to my previous question: Do right-handers mount the holder on the right side for convenience of grasp and don't worry about the interference with casting or move it onto the left side so it doesn't catch the line......?

    I've got my glue-on mount from NRS but want to make sure I don't stick it on someplace I later regret.

    Muchas Gracias! :)
  18. I cast right handed. Rods behind me are behind my left shoulder so I don't hit them. The rod in front is on my right as that is the hand I hold the rod with and I reel with my left. In front will not effect your casting. I can just grab the rod and reel quicker.
  19. So Blue, looks like your rod mount is about 12 to 18 inches from the oar mount on the right-side. You've had no problems with rowing or snagging the line while casting in that position?

    I'm just thinkin' about Brian Williams comment sayin' his rod-holders are fly-line magnets. Knowing a glue-on mount is permanent, I want to be sure it's going to work for me.


  20. I have never had a problem. The oar holder is about 14" from the rod holder, but the rod holder is sort of on the inside slant.
    The only problem is pulling the oar out to row, I have to dig deep with that oar. Easy fix is I put the blade to the front and handle beside the bag. Rowing is not in the way at all. I hit nothing while rowing.

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