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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Mark Walker, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Anyone using one of these?

    Thinking about getting one for a fishing trip next year and other events, but rather clueless (shut up, Mumbles) to their attributes/finer points.
    Any advice, info, experiences, recommendations, etc. apppreciated.
  2. one what?
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  3. Steve, it's a camara.
    Mark you planning on making a movie?
  4. I thought it might be cool for next year.
    I wish I'd had one in Sept. I could have filmed the Cayuse Death March!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
    Camera, Camara, Camaro, Camelot, Camaroon.....hmmmmm?
  5. Don't have any experience but met a guy on the Cowlitz that had one around his head. Looked like a great way to take photos if you fish alone. Hit the button and the camera automatically snaps a photo every 5 seconds. Hook fish, push button, get photos.

  6. Go pros are awesome gadgets they take great photos and video. Very handy gadgets for catch and release.
  7. Mark, Capt. Chris Bellows has a GoPro that he used to film some amazing salmon fly fishing video from his kayak this summer. You can find these in his blog archives at Chasing The Scraps (http://scrapchaser.blogspot.com/2011_08_01_archive.html) Roger Stephens also uses the GoPro but is primarily shooting still photos. I have been researching vs. the Contour Roam (made in Seattle) and have concluded that the GoPro is more fishing friendly due to ergonomic design and the ease in attaching to hat or wearing a chest harness. Can also use a telescoping handle to get great underwater shots. Hope this helps. Obviosly, opinions of others may vary.
  8. Mark,

    I've been shooting with one since last June, and they are definitely a fun toy. From what I've found that they are great for up-close, such as grip and grins, and the further you get away, the lower quality (they are a fish-eye lens afterall). I've had a blast screwing around with mine, have put mounts on my skiff, and bought the handlebar mount to put it on a 3/4" x 3' doweling for a boom. Next purchase for mine is going to be the lcd screen for the back.

    Here's a video I put together from a trip this fall.
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  9. I'd tell you what I think of them and how I've seen them used but you told me to shut up. Listen to Jergens and enjoy his vid-eh-oh.
  10. Appreciate the input all.
    Steve and Jergens.....thanks for taking the time to add the clips; great stuff!
    I picked up the camera outfit with the chest pack last night. I have heard the LCD screen was "must have" so I'll look into them.
    Mumbles.....luv ya buddy!:thumb::rofl:
  11. Mark:

    Congratulations on getting a Go-Pro camera! I have one and got the viewing screen accessory which is will worth the cost.

    I got one a 1 1/2 years ago when we took a 5 day rafting trip on the Snake River through Hells Canyon. I used the setting that took pictures every 2 seconds and got some outstanding photos for putting in an album. I will be using the video feature for top water action on Puget Sound for sea-run cutthroat and coho. I am anxious to get some good action video footage.

    Go-Pro seems like an excellent quality product plus their customer service and technical advise is awesome. IMHO the Go-Pro camera is a much better product and more versatile than the Contour camera.

    Enjoy using your Go-Pro camera!

  12. Thanks Roger!
    Looking forward to seeing your SRC video.
  13. Mark, a great question, even though you told me to shut up. Love the video additions too. I might have to put one on my wish list. I have other friends (that don't tell me to shut up) that have them for snowboarding, fishing and team sports.
  14. Only thing I would add is that with the LCD backpack and a wrist-strap, the GoPro is a pretty damn good still camera as well, especially if you have a habit of dropping or crushing your other "waterproof" cameras.




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  15. Awww c'mon...that was for the "clueless" I knew you'd jump on. Still floggn' it ain'tcha.:rofl:
  16. g smolt...............got the wrist strap and will pick up the LCD probably after the holiday. Between the rods I picked up this month and a Samsung Galaxy Tab for the little woman, the $ is pretty depleted this month!bawling::rofl:
  17. They also just updated the GoPro... now you can get the Outdoor Edition GoPro 2 and it's the same price as the old ones. The new ones have an easier to use interface and work with 32gb Class 10 SD cards. Like I said they are $299 just like the old ones... just a heads up if you are shopping for one and see GoPro's going for less money in ads they are the old models as GoPro tries hard to price protect their product. They also have a float accessory so that if you drop it in the water it won't sink... probably a decent idea for ... guys like me.
  18. [​IMG]

    Gopro always ends up snapping off some interesting shots since its firing off every few seconds. Lots will turn out blurry or funky but there's always a gem or two with a unique perspective that you tend to miss with a point and shoot. Definitely agree with jergens it is much better up close and personal.
  19. I got a Go Pro for Alaska and took a ton of underwater footage of salmon, rainbows, and char. Quality is great, but it was a little frustrating for others to use who didn't know how to use it. May throw some footage up here if I can get it uploaded.
  20. iagree, definitely challenging if you don't own one, not intuitive like a p/s camera.

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