Go Pro?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Mark Walker, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Missed some shots of radio tagging and releasing a 55 pound Chinook...bawling:
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    Gear rod, but I took this from my Go Pro 960 Wednesday.

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    Hey Mark
    i am sure some of the replies you get on this thread will be helpful,
    though probably not as inspirational as link below...
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    I've used GoPro's a bit, but ended up buying a ContourGPS for my own use. I like the rotating lens as well as their app that lets you use your phone as a viewfinder to frame your shot. With GoPro, you have to buy the LCD BacPac for an additional $80 to see what your camera is seeing.
  5. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Thanks alpinetrout, I don't use a cell phone. I will be getting the LCD BacPak to go with it.
  6. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    Got the LCD backpack for xmas today and already like it alot. Much nicer to see what's happening. That said, I couldn't see enough detail to tell that it looked like there was a naked woman on whatever was on T.V. in the background. My dog ruby was also not impressed while she guarded the tree.

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    Just curious how you charged it over 5 days?

    I have the GoPro HD2 and it's a sweet little rig. Here's a few still shots and a couple videos from it. I'm far from mastering using it and the editing videos. The stuff below I was playing around with the different camera settings so a few of the videos have 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios combined. The stills are a little washed out due to a really cloudy days and I shot the pic against the sky.




  8. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Great stuff here guys! Keep 'em coming.

    As Fate would have it, Santa decided I should have the new GoPro HD2.:thumb:
    Of course Santa didn't know I just bought the regular GoPro!:beathead:
    Looks like I'll have one for sale! Haven't used either one yet.
  9. Roger Stephens Active Member

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    I had two back up batteries with me but only needed to use two batteries for the 5 day trip. I did not take any video as I used the picture every two second function plus only used the camera when going through rapids The camera was only on for approximately 1/2 to 1 hour each day.

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    Keep both, you'll find uses.=)

    I have 3. lol
  11. Kaiserman content

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    I have the Contour HD mounted to my cap. Best thing I ever did. Awesome video and sound, tracks fish under water with the polarized lens, light, and can mount at any angle with the adjustments. Downloads real easy, like I said..It's great to have when you want to re-live those catches and see what you missed, or did right. High quality picture and sound.
  12. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Mark, next time you are rowing, one on your head, one on the craft pointing back at you. I bet both angles will be fun to watch!
  13. Mark Walker Active Member

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    I think one on my head and one one pointing at Jeff may prove more entertaining.
  14. teedub Active Member

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    I got one a couple of weeks ago. I am intending to use it when guiding. I think it will overcome many of the missed photo/vid ops when a client has a fish on, the anchor rope has a knot in it and no one in the boat can find their camera. I have been testing it with my lab pup in fast action situations and so far - so good! Unless I can grow a third hand, this seems like an answer.
  15. Top in my class Member

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    when you guys were taking those still camera shots was that set at burst of 3 mode or time lapse set on a photo ever 2 seconds or something? here is my go pro video on the GoPro HD hero
  16. Jim_Creek New Member

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    I shoot all my river snorkeling videos with a gopro. If you are thinking about buying one consider two things:
    Get the Hero 2. Way better image quality.
    Get the new underwater dive housing that counteracts the fish eye, turning the camera into a kick butt underwater HD rig.
    Here's an example of my underwater shots:
  17. Scotto55 New Member

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    Wow, the Hero 2 is impressive, great underwater footage!
  18. Top in my class Member

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    what do use guys use to edit your videos on the computer? Or how do you edit them?
  19. xdog Active Member

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    I just recently got the GoPro HD2 and I and still very much learning trial and error. I have been editing mine off my iPad using several editing apps primarily iMove and SloPro.

    Here is my most recent effort:

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  20. Top in my class Member

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    Nice video and nice spread. I don't have a iPad though haha You were so close to getting some awsome under water footage of your lab chasing that wigeon under water! Also do you know if the Gopro 2 works with the remote they have for the cameras now??