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  1. I don't know about the 2, but I have a Hero 3 (Silver) and it has an iPhone remote control app. It's "OK", but you can use your phone to setup a shot. Mine lives on the head strap, so I don't use the app much. I edit video on a Mac Book I snagged of eBay.
  2. nice videos :)
  3. that was sweet keep those coming
  4. For what its worth. The new Hero 3 has been changed slightly so that it now stays in focus underwater, a feature that is quite desired for fishing. The previous models required a aftermarket flat lens cover to keep the underwater shots clear. I like mine except for the fact I need to update my pc to be able to fully edit video.
  5. Curious what you guys are using for editing/processing? I feel like my vids always come out lower quality than what I see posted online, even if I import them on high rez. I'm using an early GoPro HD so maybe that's the reason??
  6. Love the hat!

  7. I bought a HERO Black to use Pheasant hunting this Fall. Reckon even I can figure some of it out between now & then.
  8. I have a 4 GB Sandisk SDHC card I received as a gift, but it won't work in my digital camera (which isn't HD).
    Is that enough capacity to effectively use with a GoPro? I was wondering, since somebody mentioned 32 GB cards in an above post.

    Anyway, I'd swap if for a couple of good cutthroat flies.
  9. I bought one and messed around with it

  10. Editing mine primarily off my iPad using the iMovie and SloPro apps, I really enjoy editing. Here s my latest efforts shot a few days ago.

  11. I have been neglecting to use a Gopro for the past few years because of the cost and I did not think the quality was worth it.
    Now that the Hero3 is out and I have used my friends and have seen the amazing quality that little thing produces I will be buying one for sure.

    I figure its like anything practice makes perfect. The first few trips I will be filming the sky or my feet.

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  12. my first test with the hero 3. impressed so far.
  13. I love my go pro!! It is great for up close not for distance. I had it running last fall in montana while archery elk hunting. I had brought this bull with in 30 yards, I was thinking I was getting great video but after I played it back later that evening and then later on my big screen it looked like the bull was way out there. I am going to try and mount it on my net to get some underwater pics and video while fishing the Yak. I attached a screen shot of the bull from my go pro.

    Dustin Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.29.38 AM.png
  14. I have 2, Hero and Hero2. Both are good cameras. If you can keep from looking around too much while you fish, you can use the head strap. I found, when still water fishing, that I am constantly scanning for rises. This is pretty disquieting to watch, so I bought the chest strap mount. This works well as long as what you want to film is right in front of you. Another problem with the head strap is remembering to adjust the camera, your head position or the height of the fish for a good shot. I tended to show the front of my WM instead of the fish. I use the Hero2 with the chest strap and WiFi remote and the Hero with the LCD back for hand held shots.
    I also bought the WiFi plugins for remote operation. There is also an app to allow your cell phone to operate the camera via bluetooth.
    My recommendation would be to go with the Hero3 at what ever level you can afford (check the features. It might be cheaper to pay the extra upfront for the extras), chest strap, extra battery, LCD back, and largest Micro SD card you can get.
    These cameras, because they are fixed focus, tend to take better close up pictures. I do have some pretty good long distance shots of casting to rising fish.
  15. The long edit of last year's fish footage. All Washington state fish, mostly wild, some hatchery fish mixed in here and there.

    Sweet sucker footage for those of you into something a little risque'.

    All fish were filmed using a gopro hero 1 w/ dive housing. Suckers shot with the new hero 3 black.
  16. Outstanding footage plus the music is great! Have always wanted to see what fish were doing/moving under the water. The video clearly shows how they try to avoid fighting the current. Well done!

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  17. Holly cow! You guys have the film editing down fersure!

    I recently purchased PhotoShop Premiere Elements 11 for movie editing and I have long, long way to go. I've used PhotoShop for photos and cartoons for as long as the program has been available for PCs so I know how to use it fairly well. I've found the film editing is a heck of a lot more time consuming so it takes me forever to edit a simple little clip.

    I'm not so sure I'll really get into the film media due to the time required for editing. I have the utmost admiration for you guys who are building great clips.
  18. High end memory cards are worth every penny if you are planning on shooting in 720 or 1080. Make sure to to get one that has a high write speed so that the audio and the picture match up correctly. I had a buddy take his Hero 3 Black to Baja with him last month and his card could not write fast enough for the 720 120 setting so everything was off just a bit. The other thing I would look into if you are planning on shooting underwater video is replacing the housing with one from Snake River Prototyping. It has a good number of filter attachments (polarized filter, green filter, ect...) as well as a macro attachment for the close up shots.

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