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  1. I'm gearing up to see if I can stand turkey hunting this year. I'm not one for sitting still in the forest, so it may not be my cup of tea. I'm surprised how gear intensive it can be. I have camo pants and shirt, but needed gloves, hat, face mask, and cloaking device...:D I picked up a slate call an was pleasantly surprised to find it easy to use. I have my clucks and purrs figured out...

    Now the gun conundrum...most of my shotguns are long barreled, not sky busters, but 28 inches on average. None of them are leverage friendly in a seated position. I'm thinking my 26 inch Citori might be the ticket. It's that or I'm crazy enough to test my 25 inch 28 gauge on a pattern board with the full choke and a load of #5's.

    I'm hoping to be up out of the sage in the higher elevations that I've seen birds. Ticks and I are not good friends at all. That said, I'm looking into nasty chemicals that would discourage them if they're around.

    The upside of all of this is a real good excuse for Islander and me to go visit IveofIone because he lives in turkey central. Lots to do before the season opens, so I better get my butt going...

    Anyone else going after turkeys this spring?
  2. There's ticks in the Spokane area also. I've picked a bunch off me in trips from around 10 years ago.
  3. I'll be back out there this Spring, fighting coyotes & ticks. One of my tricks is to carry a spray can of insecticide in my vest, and give the stand a good hosing before I get settled in. Haven't had any problems in the past! And we all know Murphy rules! I mislaid my box call some seasons ago, and looked all over hell & high water for it. After I gave up and bought another one, the sumbich was in the FIRST box I opened after I returned from the store...:mad:
  4. I've often wondered what gremlins do with those things that go missing and then suddenly appear. They're sadistic little buggers...:D
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  5. I will be heading out for the thunder chickens too. I will be bringing my son and wife on there first hunt for them.
    I have found that a great deterrent to ticks is a good pop up blind.
  6. Have not yet done a turkey hunt...but would like to. My neighbor goes annually and said he'd take me, but he had hip surgery and is out of business for a bit. I did watch him cleaning several a couple years back...holy hell that was a lot of work.

    Did I mention how much I hate ticks :eek:
  7. Hunted them a couple times, then decided it wasn't my cup of tea. Reckon I'm too partial to missing flushing & flying birds, lol. Take a set of shooting sticks . . . worked well for me . . . and blouse your pants . . . if ticks can't "get-in" early, it's a lot easier to brush them off. Good luck (Oh, and the thickest tick concentrations I've ever experienced were in sagebrush country.).
  8. My old buddy Bud shot them with 410 pistol, with a bow just take their heads off
  9. I'd like to get one with the bow. Ticks? Blood sucking worthless creations, they serve absolutely no purpose.
  10. A 410 pistol would seem about right for hunting ticks.
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  11. Crap its a turkey just shoot the head off
  12. Only as gear intensive as you make it. Good camo is a must as is a comfortable cushion to sit on. If you don't like sitting you can run and gun and seek out a tom willing to cooperate. You can kill them with whichever gun you choose to use. Just pick the right load and let them get close. They're pretty fun to chase. :)
  13. Turkeys this spring don't sound likely to me. But maybe next spring. I dunno. I need to get out more! All that gear is just sitting there in a box. :eek:

    OTOH, a Seattle based archery hunting partner could put me over the top. :) Not that I think I'd ever get one with a bow. :D

    As far as ticks go, I've had good luck with Buzz Off / Insect Shield garments, available in camo:


    Same pyrethrin stuff you put on your dogs.

  14. I will be taking a turkey in the spring
  15. Bringing the bow. Shooting Magnus heads

    Will be in NE WA. Practicing my diaphragm calls while commuting to and from work.

    Good luck to everyone
  16. Looking froward to the turkeys this year. Gobble, Gobble, Boom...
  17. nah... put `em in a little glass container in the microwave, turn up the power, and watch the fun...like popcorn!
  18. While I will be in Cancun during the opener (hopefully taking a tropical slam, but I would be satisfied with Tarpon, Bone and Snook-still haven't gotten a Permit!) I plan to get out later in the season. Roper, whatever gun you decide on, invest in an extra full turkey choke. I like #5 or #6 turkey loads, 3 1/2" (the only time I use 3 1/2") and pattern it at 40 yards. I would like to go with you and Steve, but can't do it until late April. Rick
  19. No guarantee that our first outing will be successful...we'll keep you up to date.
  20. I'm getting anxious and have been working the slat call some lately. Much to the wife's dismay. I have a pop up blind so if we are in an area that can accommodate it that will help with the tick issue. Now we just need the snow to melt. Did you see any birds or sign on your last ranch trip?

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