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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Cutthroat_Fight, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am hitting the North Fork this weekend. What are they bitin'? The river looked pretty good last weekend but we didn't stop to fish it. Was anyone else in the area?


  2. I fished it Sat & Sun this last weekend. Cutthroat fishing was actually pretty poor in general. Usually this time of year when the water is low like it was, they are pretty easy to catch, but I got totally skunked on Saturday. Sunday I had to fish the hell out of the water just to pull out two 12"ers.
    Just looked a the hydrograph and it took quite a spike today from like 280cfs to 1000cfs. With all the slides on the upper river tribs now it's pretty sensitive and any rain will color it up. Should help the upper river steelheading though.
  3. The upper river seems to be tapering off for steelhead. I'd been doing well up until about two weeks ago. But I'm seeing more cutts each time out if that's what you're after. They're scattered all the way up to Fortson.
  4. I fished almost all Sat. since 7am near Silvana with no luck. I tried everything I had in my flybox - dead-drift drys, stripping spiders and wooly buggers... nothing beside one 6" hooked when stripping in shallow water near the shore.
    The other guys I asked on the river didn't catch anything desent too
    But there were lot of fish jumping which looked like a small salmon (or was it a big cuttroat?), about 12-15" in size
  5. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I have been getting slapped down around Silvana also. It's usually very good down there at this time of the year. But this year for me all of the fish that I have fished for are tight lipped.

  6. Wow...I know if you guys aren't catching much then I willhave a heck of a time catching trout or anything but tree-limbs. When I was on the Skagit last week it looked like a Caddis(?) hatch or something was going on around 1pm. They were almost white bodied with fairly long wings. How are ants on the North Fork?
  7. Well I've been hittin' the NF Stilly and the upper Skagit over the last several weeks and I've been very lucky to find a couple of steelies.
    Got my first on a dry, Skagit, and another last Sat, on a conehead W-Bugger, NF. Not big but both wild and I did have to work for'em. Had one other fish on, but came off real quick, didn't see what it was.
    I'm sure looking forward to some rain!
    Hey, Old Man! how ya been, how's your back doin'?
    I'm new to this board, not braggin or 'nothin, I would suggest going higher than Sylvana though.
  8. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Is this the same papafish from Bobs place. If it is how have you been doing. Still using that same old cone head huh. Did you ever move to Sultan or some where else.

    No it's not my back anymore,it's the ribs. I took a fall about 10 days ago. Third time this year. First two times I just cracked them,but this time I broke one,saw the jagged edge on the x-ray. I seem to find more reasons this year not to fish than I do to fish. Plus the fish don't like me this year.

    As I sit here in just a little pain. I'm debating with myself to go and spend some money on some new line. I had a buddy on this board build me a new rod. It is built on a St Croix Avid blank. He also picked up one of those Redington reels that they had on sale. Now all I need is a good line to set it all off. I was thinking along the lines of a multi-tip system say Rio's Multi-tip line. I forgot to mention that the rod is 9'6" and is an 8wt.
    Can hardly wait to get out with it but I got to heal just alittle bit.

  9. Yes that's me Old Man. I sent you a private message.

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