Going fishing to Lake Lenice

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Gary B, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Will be going to Lake Lenice Nunnelly tomorrow (Sat) Sorry for such late notice. Will be usin float boat. Have room for 1 (one) more.

    If instered call me at work today friday 206 365-3000 or E_Mail me befor 9PM

    Gary B
  2. Tell us how you did.
  3. I talked to a person named Ron who had the weather report that said the wind was going to be 15-20 mph and then I looked at the lunar tables and the fishing was on the down turn. So I decided that I am going over on the 27th of this month instead

  4. Yeah, I was on the Yak yesterday near the Cle Elum ponds and there were whitecaps on them. I would say that you made the right call.

  5. I wanted to go fishing so bad at least your report confirms the wind and makes me feel alittle better about not going.

  6. Good choice to stay home. Friday was great at Nunnally, light wind. Saturday was windy, but tolerable - most of the day. It really kicked up for a while - nap time. Sunday was worse than Saturday. We were lucky enough to get on the lake B4 sunrise on Sunday and had a great time for about 90 minutes. Then the wind kicked up and headed into the shore about 0830 hoping the wind would die down. Only got worse. Decided it wasn't worth it so we headed home early. My buddy picked up a beautiful 19", 3-3.5 lbs brown on an emerger. My best was a cutbow(?) about 18" but colorful.
  7. Wind Report

    Where do you get a wind report??
    I went to Nunnaly on Sunday and had to stay in the canal because the lake had whitecaps!
  8. Wind Report

    I don't know but if I talk to him again I will certainly find out.

  9. Wind Report

    aaron j

    If you go to www.weather.com, you can get a ten day weather report for just about anywhere, and set up a personal page with up to ten cities and their reports. You can also pull up Dopplar and satellite maps of your specific area and be your own weather man! They usually report the wind, but not a specific wind forecast. If you have fished the East side much, you know by now that it is almost always windy in the springtime, and often any other time of the year.
    aaron j
  10. Wind Report

    Try www.atmos.washington.edu and go to the weather/climate info pages. It has pretty good forecasts for Washington including wind speeds and directions. I find it to be much more accurate than weather.com. Good luck.
  11. Wind Report

    Thanks for the wind report sites!

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