Gonna jump in with both feet with my new vise

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by WonkyWapiti, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. After starting off with a fly tying class a week ago, I'm hooked (bad pun intended, :D). Last week I picked up Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Skip Morris and Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying. Today, I purchased the Peak Vise Trailhead Package and a mess of supplies to make the first two flies in Morris' book, the Rick's Caddis and the Woolly Bugger.

    My goals are to 1) have fun, 2) increase my skills by progressively working my way through the flies in both books and 3) eventually catch a fish with one of my flies. This weekend I'll have to post up pics of the kit.
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  2. Remember, ugly flies catch fish too! Start fishing your creations right away.
  3. What ever you tie, no matter how good it looks, it will catch fish. I wish I'd known that back when I started in the late 50's.
  4. Well good. Now you'll help keep the fly tying materials companies in business :)
  5. Since you're a wetsider tie a woolly bugger first and it will catch fish on the opener. Your choice of black, brown, maroon or olive.
  6. I like the Olive bugger!:)

    But all of them will work at some given time.

    Good for you. Just remember that you will get more knowledge from
    tying than you will from just reading. I have found that tying is a study in a lot more than just buying a fly and chucking it in the water.
    You will find that you do not need to be skilled at tying but it helps, you do not need to know the latin names, but it helps, you do not need to have well dress flies to catch fish. Sometimes it helps.

    The bottom line is to have fun and by doing so, you will also learn.

    Good luck and show us some of your work.
  7. Olivium buggerium is the latin name for the olive bugger. It's no harder than that.

    Or maybe it's oliveay uggerbay.
  8. I am new to tying my own as well. There are countless vids on youtube. These have helped me tremendously.
  9. Here is a photo of the vise and the accessories that came with it.
  10. I like rotary vises. I wish my first vise had been a rotary. It makes winding chenille, palmering hackle and ribbing flies very fast with even wraps.

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