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  1. Fishing a small c&r river/creek near Olympia the other day was great! This is the third time I've fished this river and to my surprise I haven't seen anyone else fishing. And yes I have checked the regs and made sure I was fishing legally. Most of the fish here are small and the bigger ones are around this size....

    fish 1.jpg
    So as I was fishing up stream I found a deep pool at the end of a long slow run that turned breifly into a short rapid and dumped into the pool. I tied on a long leader and a streamer and tossed it onto the far side of the pool and let the current swim it through the pool. Just as it was swinging up the other side I saw a flash and then a strong tug.! After a nice tussle I landed this beauty which is no monster but much bigger than any other I have caught here. Took a pick then quickly release to fight another day....
    fish 2.jpg

    I also caught many more cuts and bows on a parachute adams and a beetle pattern...
    Gotta love Washington..!
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  2. Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing.
  3. No problem.. Thanks for your service to this country.
  4. jj....that is real trout fishing, treasure the experience!!!
  5. I'm working on that part of it. Some times I get too focused on just catching the next fish and miss the true beauty around me. Nature has its own way of slowing you down though
  6. Great looking cutt. Nice work!
  7. For a wild cutthroat in a small stream, that guy could be a lunker! :)
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  8. Yup. That's a lunker. A resident fish like that out of any PNW runoff stream is a rarity. Real pretty too with that crimson slash.
  9. Sweet thanks guys.!!

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