Good Missouri River Float?

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  1. I'm heading to the Missouri to float below Holter with my son and I'm curious to know based on the flows (~4200 cfs) what would be a good float?

    Based on what I see on the map, I'd like to put in right below Holter or Wolf Creek.

    Would Mid-Canon or Hardy be a good takeout? Using Google Maps it appears that Holter to Mid-Canon is a little under 15 miles.

    I'm not really expecting to catch a massive amount of fish, just want to do some recon and spend some quality time with my 17 year old.

    Shuttle services are assumed. Please let me know if not and general cost.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. I like the upper section, although you'll see more boat traffic. The dam to Stickney would be a good length float.

    Here is a map resource if you don't have one already:

    Give Mike a call 406-468-9330 - he is a great guy and can give you float advice close to your trip and provide shuttles. ($25 ish for the dam to Stickney).

    Or just roll into Craig and there is the Trout shop and Headhunters fly shop that can set you up with a shuttle, flies, last minute game planning, etc.

    If you're not set on the Missouri i'd consider floating the blackfoot this time of year just over the hill..
  3. Holter to Craig for starters, stickney if you want to stay out a little longer, use hoppers, caddis and tricos, big browns and bows. The best in the area

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  4. Mid Canyon to Pelican point, use streamers in quick water, hoppers in the calm water (twitch, twitch, pause). Less pressure and big browns.
  5. Wow! Good stuff guys! Much appreciated!

    Jake- thanks for Mike's contact info. I'll call him tomorrow morning and see what I can line up. It looks like we'll roll in early tomorrow afternoon.

    I drove by the Blackfoot the other day and it did look inviting. I'm not totally comfortable on the sticks yet, so I'm looking for something that my thin rowing ability can handle easily!
  6. Andy you're killing me with these fishing trips bro
  7. Floated the section from Wolf Creek to Stickney about a month ago over a week long period. Stayed at the FWP site in Craig. My personal preference was the float from Wolf Creek to Craig. It is a 7 mile float and gives plenty of time to fish. If the winds come up you don’t have to buck them forever to get to your rig at the take out, and best of all, it has the least highway noise. Going past Craig you going to have to love the sound of Jake brakes. Shuttle fee is about $22.

    Craig has a couple of fun bars and Izaak’s serves some decent food. If you go to Izaak’s, say hi to Claudia, she is a charmer.
  8. Thanks Mike! We'll probably float from Wolf to Craig today and check it out.

    I checked the weather and it looks like crap for the next couple of days. :mad: A high of 56 on Saturday? WTH? I guess that's Rocky Mountain fishing......

    Claudia..... Hmmmm! ;)
  9. The closer to Holter you are, the more congested the river will be. So if you don't like the amount of competition you've got, pick a lower stretch for your next day. Certain times of the year this congestion gets really bad as the fish congregate in certain areas, but I don't think that this is the time of year for that to be happening.
  10. Type all you want, they will still hit the tourists streches where the guides, who guide them don't fish.... true story.
  11. Are you saying the guides don't fish while they're guiding? That's common practice.

    If you're saying the guides don't fish at all you are mistaken. I guided the Mo for years and I still know many of the guides who work that river. I fished with many of them before and still fish with some of them now.

  12. I didn't see this post before and it looks like anything I'd write would be after the fact.

  13. If you are looking for uncrowded water below the Holter is not the place to go. The reason that section is popular is because there is always some type of dry fly activity going on in that section of the river. The high fish counts are a bonus.
  14. If you like fishing with everybody else, go ahead and float from the dam or Wolf Creek to Craig. You should really give the lower stretches a try, atleast Craig to Mid Canon. Although I like Dearborn or Stickney to Pelican Point. Theres just as many catchable fish down low and (sometimes) less people. The fish were up on Tricos in the morning, ate hoppers decently in the heat of the day and wacked streamers all day. Talk to the team at Headhunters. They'll set you right.

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