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  1. Where's a good place online or local (Eastside) to buy flies? I've seen and but I'm not sure of their quality. Any ideas? Love this site!!! Just went out on the MF Snoqualmie this past Sunday, didn't catch anything but I did get my virgin rod dipped in the water :) I got the bug after coming back from Vail with a 14" brookie! 5 minutes from my hotel!
  2. The Orvis shop in Bellevue is much friendlier than their swanky address in downtown Bellevue would indicate. They have all the flies you'll need for local trout and can probably give you tons of advice on the forks of the Snoqualmie.
  3. Try Hills. They are a sponsor on this site.
  4. I've rarely bought flies online, but when I do it's Hills.
  5. Hills is a good one
  6. I'm a big fan of Creekside in Issaquah (they have a downtown Seattle store too). 1410 Northwest Gilman Blvd.
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    i've been very happy with the service, communication, turnaround, and product.
  8. I like Creekside and Orvis. The Orvis dry flies are really good, which is what you will be using most of the time out on the Sno Forks. I have had lots of luck on smallish 14-16 parachute adams and the Orvis pattern is awesome.
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  9. Every online purchase of fly fishing stuff pushes the local shops that much closer to closing their doors. Online may cost less money but we all pay for it when a shop folds and we lose the local expertise, the chance to see and touch materials and gear, the place to meet old and new friends a local employer, local tax revenues and the list goes on and on.
  10. i don't want to hang out at a fly-shop, i want to fish. it's not a charity, right? are you suggesting i go in and pay for something i don't want so that i can subsidize it for others? nothing against fly-shops at all, but they are just businesses and they have to compete - that's on them, not the consumer.
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  11. email the online shop and ask them what's hot right now at Rattlesnake Lake and see what the answer is.
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  12. I still patronize fly shops. When I do I buy product, I never ask for tips cause I don't want them from a fly shop. It seems like you're telling me, not just where I should shop, but also what I should want. The market is full of every kind of demand, the business owner's job is to identify, target, and supply that demand, not tell the customer to modify their demands so things can be the way they used to be.
  13. Like I said earlier to get flies from Hills. I got a Bug Box with about 60 Caddis flies from them several years ago. I still have the box and it is still half full of their flies.

    But here in Montana, I'm a ways from everything so I go to Frontier Anglers here in Dillon and get flies from them.

    But if I want a bunch of them I have a few here that will tie for me. It's nice to have friends that tie.
  14. You really need to get into tying your own! Select three patterns you use a lot of and start with those. After you tie about six flies, they will start looking pretty good AND the next time you go to the store you will notice flaws in the ones you have been buying....I promise
  15. My experience is that these local shop guys will often show you how to improve your cast on the rod you just bought or teach you how to do a whip finish for the vice they ordered at your request. When I wanted to go to montana, they gave me personal recommendations based upon my situation and helped me plan my itinerary and connected me with a guide that they know personally in montana. You cant pay for that kind of service online.
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  16. Go to Creekside for your flies!

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