Got me a new vise....

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by S Fontinalis, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Kinda a combo birthday/graduation gift to myself.

    The Cottarelli T-Rex. I got a screaming deal on it, so pulled the trigger. Think i'm gonna sell the Anvil Atlas now.

    Comes with two jaws, both of which are removable.

    This is a 1/0 salmon hook. with the two secure points, you wouldnt believe how little pressure i had to put on the jaws to get the hook secure, and "bend" without slipping. Great for those fine japanned hooks i'm working with.

    This is a size 7 wet fly hook

    There is a full range of motion of the head, rotary and it can be pitched to near vertical to allow easy access to the fly/hook, in the second photo i've pitched it up a bit.

    There is another head set, with smaller jaws (i didnt buy it) for smaller hook, but i think what i have will work just fine for me.

    A few other accessories include waste catcher, tool rack, sight board and bobbin cradle, all of which mount to the vise. I didnt get any of those either, but might pick up one or two at a later date. The joints are incredibly tight and the craftsman ship is second to none. All these vises are made by hand in Italy.
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  2. Very nice!
  3. Wow. I've never seen anything like that before. Interesting design.
  4. I like that !
  5. That thing looks so far out of my budget and so damn cool!
  6. I think? that Steelhead/Tolt river anglers was a dealer for them? I believe that is where I first saw them. Definitely a cool vise.
  7. Nice one Eunan !!!! I think we're all a little green.....Sweet vise...
  8. Always thought that was a stunning vice. If I remember correctly their travel base is a cool little foldable/collapsible tripod thing. If the screaming deal was more than a one-vice special I'd love to know where you found it.
  9. Jack cook at tolt river anglers, he has two left, $300 each
  10. $300.00 each? That sounds too cheap.

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