Got out fishing and not cranky

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. I got out fishing for two days at the NF of the Cda earlier this week so I'm unlikely to chime in on HOG, hatchery/native steelhead or whatever that other controversial thread was.

    Some fish bit, very few fish were hooked, a fat angler stumbled in the creek(s), no fly rods were broke and campers were rained on. All in all a good time was had. Oh yeah, no trucks broke down this trip either.

    Senior Pass kicked in and campsites were $9 per day for fat, senior anglers.
  2. Last time I saw you, you weren't fat. What happened, retirement go to your middle.
  3. metabolism went in snail mode.
  4. Do you have to use such big words. I'm an old man for crying out loud. I lost all my smarts when I turned 75
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  5. Sounds like: a) you had a good time, and b) you walk/wade a lot like me, lol. Successful trip, Bill!
  6. I sometimes stumble too, but for a different reason.

  7. The best one was while descending a small river bank and I stepped on the tip of my shoe toe. Almost did a face plant on a rocky bank. No rods were harmed in amusing my fellow creeksiders.
  8. A wading staff is a wonderful invention. :D
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  9. +1 on the wading staff.
  10. Sometimes I get the feeling those rocks are trying to kill me.
  11. Been there, done that. Took out all of the cartilage my left knee. Ouch!
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  12. There, I fixed it for you, Charlie.
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  13. I have one of these things. Is that what it's used for, walking down banks.
  14. You may be beyond the wading staff stage. You might go directly to "Wading Walker"
  15. It is used for walking anywhere you want, Jim. Up hill or down.
  16. Well I use a cane to walk just about anyplace. I've had my wading staff for over 15 year but have only used it a few times. It always got in the way when casting or landing a fish. It has a lanyard on it but it's just something else to get in the way. I'm just a simple fly fisher. I think of ways to fish easier. A wading staff just didn't work.
  17. I've got a wading staff coming and I'll just put a sharper point on it and make landing fish easier and a bit more sport.
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  18. What did you say you lost at 75 Old Man? Just checking!

  19. Well Ed, I think he lost his ability to sound out big words.
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  20. I have a shoulder that talks to me all the time due to a slip while crossing a stream in the Yellowstone backcountry. It pains me but it also reminds me what a great time I had exploring that country.

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