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  1. He is one of those unique players that are blessed with the ability to routinely snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.:D
  2. I went to Costco with the kids, thinking that game was over at halftime.

    Does that mean we're going to hear from Uncle Jerry Jones on ESPN tomorrow?
  3. As little as I care for both Romo and Dallas, I hope his knack for snatching never runs out :D
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  4. Any day Dallas loses is a good day but in a billion dollar stadium with the owner looking on and 1st place at stake it's even better. The same owner that fired a coach after 2 consecutive Super Bowl wins! It just doesn't get any better!

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  5. As a lifelong Dallas fan I also think Romo is way over-rated. I long for the days of Staubach and Landry.
  6. Staubach trivia that I wasn't aware of until recently.

    The term "Hail Mary pass" was introduced into the modern-day lexicon by the sporting press to characterize the famous Staubach-to-Pearson pass. It stemmed from a post-game interview with Staubach who described his desperation by referencing the term from his faith; "I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary."
  7. Romo is a very gifted QB with a quick release. W and L's not his fault. Switch Romo and Wilson what would one expect? :confused:
  8. Less crying
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  9. Besides possibly Dan Snider, what other owner gives interviews after each game? Hell I don't even know if Paul Allen is even alive.
    Jerry Jones is an idiot and has become a modern day Al Davis. He should have kept his mouth and hands out of things and he'd have won more rings back when Jimmie Johnson was head coach. Since he ran him off everyone except Parcells has been just a puppet head coach. Who would want to coach for him?
    He should stick to plastic surgery and fire his son while he is at it.
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  10. The cowboys have one of the worst defenses of all time but everyone still wants to blame romo.

    The problem is much bigger than just the QB
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  11. True, that Dallas defense is horrible and Romo isn't the sole reason they lost that game and he's a very talented QB. Up 6 with less than 3 minutes in the game, you can't just toss the ball up for grabs, take the sack (or better yet, don't check out of the run play that was called).

    Romo's earned this reputation throughout his career, it's not like this was the first time he wilted in crunch time. Brady also threw a pick to end the game (in the endzone no less) yesterday when a TD would have won the game. It happens to everyone, but when Brady is on the field in that scenario you think he'll probably get it done, you can't say that about Romo.
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  12. Then who would clean his eye glasses?
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  13. Some final thoughts on this subject: Dallas is not America's Team. They have only been average for the past decade. The America's Team tag was earned back when Lamar Hunt owned the team, had Tex Schramm as general manager and Tom Landry as coach. Those three worked in concert with each other and each did his own job without stepping on the other's toes. The results were obvious but once Jerry Jones came along that all changed and his ego had to be stoked at any price. That price has been mediocrity ever since. Jones needs to sit at the elbow of Robert Kraft with his mouth shut and learn how to run a railroad.

    In my lifetime the Green Bay Packers have been America's Team for sure with more championships than any other team. They have been iconic in much the same way as the Celtics and Yankees of past years.

    As far as Romo is concerned he isn't as bad as people make him out to be but not near as good as his $18 mil average annual salary would indicate. Very few quarterbacks will manage to overcome a defense that gives up 5 consecutive scores however. Many clubs around the league and in all professional sports are overpaying 1 or 2 superstars and are too cash strapped as a result to field a well balanced team. One of the reasons the Seahawks are doing so well right now is that they are essentially getting a great quarterback almost for free and have a ton of money to spend on support players.

    The Mariners on the other hand have gone down a difficult road giving one guy almost a quarter of a billion dollars while the rest of the cast languishes. The result of that folly will be obvious next October.

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  15. Maybe you ought to stick Eli Manning in this bunch also. Talk about a bad Quarterback. His receivers need to hang on the ball better and run better routes. Saw a hit on Yahoo that he is the opposite of his brother. That is for sure. To be shut out at home. What a shitty team.
  16. Jason Garrett should not be flying under the radar when blame is being handed out .He gets out-coached by everybody .
  17. I grew up a Giants fan and I don't think Eli is as good as everyone was saying he was when he came into the league. However, he has 2 Super Bowl rings. How many does big bro have and he's played on better teams?
  18. Please do not provide them any more "air time". Average at best and a self-proclaimed label as America's Team is a joke.

    When Dallas loses, it feels really good!
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