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    GRAND SLAM! The holy grail of trout fly fishing is the coveted grand slam. Catching all four trout species in the same water on the same day(Cutthroat, rainbow, brook and brown) . Only a handful of streams across the country offer the angler the possibility of achieving this great honor and most trout bums never cross it off their bucket list. On Aug, 11th did just that. A wonderful day I'll remember forever. Here's the proof.. GOPR0967.JPG 620450_4441115835521_937950197_o.jpg 459400_4461951436398_1687393535_o.jpg GOPR0974.JPG
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    I got a grand slam on the 5th I got a bull trout too. I think I got it at the same place too. Only lost one fly all day too awesome bday I had.
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    I think I know that spot. I got skunked there last year but was fishing lower. There's two species of cutts in there so a fisherman could conceivably get six types of trout. Congrats on the slam, those fish look great.
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    Well that's exciting! Looks like I had another goal for that river!
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    Nice! That brown's a beauty.
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    Wind River Range, Wyoming, 1985
    Unnamed Stream
    Golden, Cutthroat, Brook, and Rainbow
    All on a Renegade

    The Winds are amazing place. There are lake trout and brown trout, too, in some of the lakes there.
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    Rock Creek, MT 9/16 in order I caught a brown, cutthroat, whitefish, rainbow, and brookie. Didn't figure I had a grand slam without a bull trout which I never saw the rest of the week-long trip. Still haven't caught one in three years fishing in their range.
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    Nice fish! I fished there a month back and got the big skunkola...
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    I thought that looked familiar. Just north of the big pile of bear poop.