Granite Falls fish ladder question

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  1. Wife and I drove up to the Granite Falls ladder yesterday. Interesting but not sure I understand the layout. The upstream inlet appeared to be dry and above the river level, yet there was a large amount of water flowing through the ladder. Is there another inlet further up stream that you can't see?
  2. The intake to the fish ladder is located upstream of the falls. It is around the corner from the top falls and just below the highway bridge on the south side of the river. It is a tunnel through solid rock that enters the fish way at the top of the steel grate covering.

    Tight lines
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  3. Trying to find info online led me here- hopefully Smalma can confirm this... so historically, anadromous species were not present above Granite Falls before the fish ladder, is this correct? How old is the fish ladder? Above the falls a ways is one of my favorite trout spots around, so I'm just trying to understand more!
  4. Correct, no native anadromous species above the falls. The ladder was installed in 1954. They no longer stock the river (above the falls) but there are a small number of naturally reproducing wild fish making the return trip after the stocking ended.
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  5. Interesting stuff but I can remember when I was a kid going to the falls and watching salmon working their way up the falls, it was amazing.
  6. In the summer time and early fall if you hit it at the right time you can see all the way through the fish ladder from the bottom to the top. One year about that time of the year me and my idiot son in law walked up in it. He tried to walk the whole way but I didn't. Didn't know the gate could be opened. This was when there wasn't hardly any water in the river.

    And if I remember right, there weren't any fish hoilding below the fish ladder at that time.
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  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. They used to stock the S/F. They would stock the river around Silverton. And about a week later it was fished out. Some people would follow the trucks around and keep what they caught. The stocked fish were just legal size. Back in them days the size was 6".

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