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  1. Not sure how many pellet grillers there are on WFF but had to share my enthusiasm for my new grill. A few weeks ago, got my hands on a GMG Daniel Boone and have been having fun playing around with it. Had enjoyed meats off my parents Traeger Lil Tex Elite for a while and been planning to pull the trigger on the Traeger but learned about GMG and a deal was running at a nearby dealer.

    So far I've enjoyed:
    - Baby Back Ribs - dry rub (cherry coke glaze), smoked @ 150 for 4 hrs then cranked the heat to finish them off
    - Papa Murphy's pizza - wood fire-esq
    - Lobster tails - simple melted butter and garlic in the shells, amazing!
    - Twice baked potatoes
    - Tri Tip - Costco pre-seasoned and slow smoked
    - Pig Candy - candied bacon

    Looking forward to smoking some salmon, some pulled pork and brisket in the coming weeks.

    Anyone else have a GMG? Or even another brand pellet grill? Enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying this?

    (ignore the two toned house below ... haven't got around to painting the addition)

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    photo 2 (12).JPG photo 4 (6).JPG photo 3 (11).JPG
  2. I have a Traeger and love it. Pulled pork, salmon, ribs, etc are great. One of the easiest things is to just split a whole chicken, throw it on smoke for an hour or two, then turn it up to finish. It's simple, easy, and an awesome meal.
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  3. I too have a Traeger and love it for all the same reasons. I'm told GMG was started by an ex Traeger employee. I think GMG is built better. I got my T before G existed.
  4. On my second Traeger. Started with a Jr, changed the control to the digital, then gave it to my son and bought the Costco Traeger (like the Lil Tex Elite). Would have loved a Green Mt. but was too cheap. Love pellet stoves and have done almost everything on the Traeger. One of the best was a brined and smoked 12 pound turkey. Best turkey ever. Brined and smoked chickens are wonderful. Prime rib, bone-in pork loins. The list can be endless and it is all good.

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  5. I have a GMG Jim Bowie Stainless-love it-have cooked everything from Mac-n-Cheese to Tenderloin.
  6. I have a Louisiana Grill. I bought it because it gets hotter than a Traeger & after I evaluated both, the Louisiana construction was confirmed as more robust. I also preferred that auger feed. I've never seen a GMG, but they look hell for stout; I like the monster pellet hopper. While I don't like a steady diet of meat/food off a pellet grill, there are foods that it cooks better imho. Mine does get used a lot & year-around. I've looked at Green Eggs, but haven't pulled the trigger . . . yet; these also produce wonderful results & succulent food.
  7. If you have dog(s) or raccoons put a screen over the drip pail.
  8. That's quite a hefty price for just wanting to cook outside.
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  9. The grill gets covered after use and I put the drip bucket inside of it. Lined with foil too so I just swap it out when it gets nasty and clean as new.

    Can't smoke anything inside the house (well maybe I could but the wife would probably kill me). Cooking outside in the warmer months it's nice being able to slow roast things for hours without heating up the whole house in the process. Everyone has their preferences, believe me - I hear all about the charcoal fans - good for them. That flavor, hassle, etc is not for me. An investment in a pellet grill made sense for what I intend to and have used it for.
  10. The hard part was convincing my wife you can't start the pellet grill without opening an ale.

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  11. The green eggs are nice, but being a thrifty bugger , I'm waiting to find one at a garage sale !
  12. Me too, Benny but I've yet to see one.

    I have both, although my dog knows that the grills are "off-limits.". Plus my neighborhood is full of outdoor cats & wasps. I keep my grills covered & place the drip buckets/trays inside of the grill when not in use & grill covers over the units themselves. Keeping them in a mostly shaded are defeats wasps.

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