Green River Guide?

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  1. I will be meeting up with a buddy in Salt Lake City in September and we have decided to go over to fish the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam. Can anyone recommend a guide for the Green that you've had a good experience with? Thanks!
  2. Try spinner fall guide service.
  3. Kenny, who guides for Trout Bum 2. Check in with them in Park City. Great fishing and best shore-side lunch you'll ever have. BYOB, of course.

  4. If you don't want to spend the $$ on a guide and are decent on the oars/ good at reading water, you can rent rafts or a drift boat at the shop in town. I've always done that but our trips are as much about the drinking/ camping/ guy time as it is catching fish. Guides are always great, just another option for you....starting in the A section and camping in the B section is always a great 2 day trip!!
  5. Gordon Tharrett, one of the owners of Trout Creek Flies in Dutch John, has been guiding the Green for over 25 years and would be my first choice. I doubt that you could get on a trip with him at this late notice but the shop has other great guides too.
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  6. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the help. I will follow up on your suggestions and post a report after the trip.
  7. It don't matter !! It's the Friggin Green !! A cluster of major proportions !!
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  9. Trip report: My friend and I had a great time on the Green this week. Thanks to Freestone and fe2head for recommending the guides at Trout Creek flies. We were able to get a day with Gordon Tharrett, who now owns Trout Creek flies, and he was a great guide, as Freestone said. Also fished with a guide named Boomer, and he was equally excellent. It is dry fly time, and we fished primarily with a fly called a Triple Double, which Gordon created. I couldn't believe the quality of fish in this river. We caught mostly browns with some rainbows mixed in. We didn't see a fish smaller than 15 inches - average size was about 18 inches. Anyway, thanks to all who replied to my inquiry. I really appreciate the help.
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  10. Thanks for the great report! It sounds like a fantastic trip. It's awesome that you got out with both Gordon and Boomer. The GT Triple Double is a great pattern. I've been thinking of tying it in bigger sizes as a soft water steelhead skater.

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