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    Anyone tried to fly fish the Green River for Salmon. Heading out tomorrow morning and wondered if anyone had luck there lately and if so what flies did you use??
  2. Fiskegal

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    Not fished there yet, but going tomorrow as the fish was jumping and rolling in the river this evening as I biked the trail.

    If I catch anything I'll let you know what I used :beer2:
  3. Steelheader

    Steelheader Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.

    Fished it the other night after work with a buddy. Hooked into 3 kings, and one SRC. Used a sunburst, and a Babine. There are alot of fish in there. Went looking for a steelie but the kings were active. Closed for salmon so be careful. talked to a warden and he said if he see's people fishing for Salmon he will site them.
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    Green river below S180th bridge not closed

    Hiya Steelheader, I checked the fishing regulations booklet and the Green River is open below the S180th bridge according to this booklet. If it's closed then I wasn't the only one in violation of the closure as there were 5 others on the same sand bank. I didn't get anything but had a strike on a purplish colored flie. The other guys that were using lures got 2 salmon between them.

  5. Fiskegal

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    I couldn't find that the Green River below that bridge is closed either. No fish when I went though :confused:
  6. Steelheader

    Steelheader Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.

    We were fishing up above the hyway 18 bridge, and the section below that is close waters all together. As far as below the 180th st bridge I am aware you can fish for Salmon down there, but down in that section I thought was the Duwamish down there.
  7. skykomish00

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    I fished at multiple sites along the green river from the meeker st bridge following the river towards tukwila-this is best done with a backpack and a bicycle. I used regular trout flies with lots of flash and movement, fast sink line and landed over a few days 3 salmon and had long distance catch and release with another 7 lol!
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    i also did not find any fish there although i was there from morning to it night fish??? :p
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    that thread is over 5 years old?
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    Been happening alot lately. New people doing searches and responding to old threads.