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  1. I traveled to Central Washington last week for fishing at Grimes lake on the 10th and 11th. Weather was warm but not hot. Water temperature was 63 degrees. It was windy on and off but mostly on. During one mid-day calm I noticed large fish cruising In water along the lake edges in about 3 to 5 feet of water. I managed to hook about a dozen of them and net about half of those with three more the next morning before being blown off. All fish were caught with an olive wb with slow sinking line and a fast retrieve. Nearly all fish were in the 20 inch range and well fed.

    None of my typical tactics worked at this lake, but by searching around and looking for fish I was able to be successful.

    I camped at a small RV park in Douglas. They have clean restrooms, reasonable rates and great hosts. The attached photos shows one of the big cutthroat in my large net.


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  2. Site fishing for 20" cruisers in shallow water sounds like a fun day to me. Nice fish, this is exactly how they fish Mann lake in Oregon for large cuts.
  3. Great report Kirk and thanks for the photo! Nice fish.

    I spoke with your fishing partner, he was a bit disappointed that he could not make this trip. Seeing this photo will not console him! Haha. Send it if you have not already ;-)
  4. May try to hit it at the end of the month, thanks for the report!
  5. Isn't Grimes the lake they caught all those poachers? I'm surprised that there's been much/if any success there.
  6. That was Lenore and there are still fish there to be caught.

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