1. Hi Chris. Thanks for bringing back the groups, much appreciated.

    I noticed that I can get to Small Streams from 'My Groups' but that it doesn't show up in the overall groups list. is that just because it's a private group?

    No worries, just curious.
  2. Thomas, exactly. If you're not in the group, you can't even see that it exists.

    How the groups work and are displayed will improve here over the next month or two.
  3. Hey Chris - I created a "private fishing report share" group. I would like everyone to be able to see it - but not the content unless they are members of the group. Is that possible?

    Also - I'm trying to figure out a way to invite people to the group. Is that possible? I guess I could just send them a link via PM?

    Thanks! I am really digging the new site.
  4. If it's private no one will see it unless they are in it. And even if they are in it, they need to look to "my groups" to see it. That's obviously something that needs to be addressed.

    If you do create a private group, as the group owner you should see a link to "Invite user to the group"
  5. Pretty cool. So a public group..... are people able to see the posts of public groups and the content within even if they are not a member?
  6. Got it - thanks - switched to private and will send invites accordingly.
  7. Hi Chris-

    Is there a way to get an notification similar to what happens when someone responds to a thread but whenever someone posts to a group in general? Te main forum is very user friendly with the "What's New" setting but the groups are a little tougher as you have to navigate to them to check, especially the privates.

    Not a big deal but if it's possible and easy, it'd be a nice feature. Thanks for everything,

  8. I was wondering where that group went. I still can't get into it. I was a member at one time and to my knowledge I wasn't dropped. Some things just don't work right for this old man.

    Edit: After much searching I found it. I just hate to search shit out. The other forum was much easier than this newer one is on this old man.

  9. Hi OM. Since it's a private group you have to navigate to it. it doesn't show up in the list:

    Click on Groups above
    Click on My Groups

    You' should then see a list of groups where you are a member.
  10. Thank you. Like they say at Staples"That was easy".

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