Guess I'm a better guide than fisherman...

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  1. My father-in-law was in town over the weekend and our plan was to find some beach coho. We hammered hard Thursday - Sunday and drove over 350 miles trying new beaches and finally managed to find some fish.

    He got one 3 lb fish Friday and was really excited (first beach caught salmon). We got it right Sunday and he went 5 for 6 including a solid 10 lb coho! I went 0 for 1! Ha

    We had a great time and he left with a big smile on his face. Good fishing but never really hot, and we really had to work for them!



  2. Nice work. I am glad he was able to experience why we love this so much

    And nicely done with the pics ;)
  3. Wow. Great stuff- congrats.
  4. Nice for your father-in-law to hit the jackpot on the last day fishing. If you had to pick one day for catching, it has to be most rewarding for all the hard work to pay-off on the last day fishing! Nice pics.
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  5. You scored some in-law points there!
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  6. Go Cats!
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  7. Glad your strategy worked out Matt. That's a huge silver!
  8. Nicely done on brownie points. My father in law has begged me to take him flyfishing. If I could stand the bastard long enough, I would take him up on the tutelage. As it stands, I still make him use a spinning rod to avoid babysitting.
  9. Yep, Matt is a good guide. Took me to his secret spot today and got me into this fat 'Ho. I weighed it when I got home, was 13lbs after being gutted and bled out. :)

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  10. Nice fish and go Cats!
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  11. Holy $hit, that thing was a pig! You won't likely top that anytime soon. Might as well hang up the flyrod for a while! ha I think I used up my big fish points on the chum! :eek:
  12. I'm lucky in that regard and actually enjoy spending time with him. He has flyfished for years (although not super seriously) so not much babysitting required. The biggest challenge was helping him figure out a shooting head line and getting him to keep hit hands off the fly line and let the drag do the work once the fish was on the reel. We'll just say that he is pretty lucky and most of the fish he caught had ample opportunity to escape!
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  13. Daaaaaamn, some nice fish!

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