Guide for Lings and Other Monsters of the Deep?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Ybsong, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Anyone have a recommendation of guides that offer a day of Ling Cod fly fishing and other in the salt from a boat opportunities. I've been fly fishing for SRC (and to some extent salmon) for a while on my feet, but have never really targeted much else in the salt. Would love to learn some new fisheries to try in the South and Central Sound as I've got a 16' Lund that would work great, but have yet to cast from it. I know the season for Lings is short (May 21-June 15). Do people target Sea Bass in the South/Central Sound?
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    Rock fish is closed in south sound
    There are some appropriate spots to target lings with your 16 footer
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    make sure any guide is licensed to guide for bottomfish. a guide needs a salmon charter or a specific bottomfish charter license to do trips for lingcod/rockfish.
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    Lings are a blast! Especially on the fly. Think fast sinking lines and big flies then go explore the sound in your boat looking for structure. Half the fun is finding a cool fishy spot. Veteran ling anglers don't give up spots easily especially in the sound which is close to large populations of anglers. A lot of the ling holes are small with far fewer fish then the straits and coast so spots get fished out quick and the ones that don't get caught get smart.

    Good luck and tight lines!
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