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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cnaka, Aug 7, 2013.

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    One of our teams (6 people) at work want to do a salmon fishing outing for team building and asked me if I know of charters or guides for Puget Sound area, potentially beyond like Neah Bay. They aren't experienced fishermen and certainly don't fly fish. It'll need to be gear oriented. I don't know gear guides and also am a DYI person anyway. Any recommendations? Thx!
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    I don't know if he guides out there, but Mike Ainsworth of First Light Guide Service could take care of you guys out on the sound.

    He is on Facebook as well and is a great guy! He does gear and fly fishing, so contact him for more info. His cell is (206) 817-0394.
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    Randy Duecet Of NW fishing charters is a great guy has two boats. 1 in Shilshole and 1 in Everett.

    Randy 206 949-0221
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    Yes Captain Keith does fly trips on the sound and has been since 1994. But I am fully booked until September.
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    +1 for Matt.

    Fished most of the OP rivers with him, great guy & very fishy . Has a nice saltwater boat.

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    Also recommend Mike Ainsworth and Capt. Keith, both can fish gear or fly. For a trolling trip, Gary Krein at All-Star Charters does a great job.

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    Thanks everyone