Guys guys guys! It's a cannon, that shoots FISH over DAMS.

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  1. Can we see if the Pike Place fish catchers can catch one out of this cannon?

    Scarface in Pike Place screaming "catch these fish motherfuckers!!!"
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  3. Two thoughts:
    1. Can they put a GoPro on one of the fish?
    2. Can I PLEASE try to target one in the air with an indicator?
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  4. Indicators in flying-fish fly fishing are called 'tracers'
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  5. Meanwhile, traditionalists will shrug and harumph and continue to point to their 20+foot cane spey rods.

  6. Sorry to rain on your picnic people, but it will only be minutes before some gen. Y fly fishing punk gets the product in his metrosexual hair disaster messed up by a flying fish and the lawyers come out to play...
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  7. Gen Y'ers can't afford lawyers. We'd occupy the fish cannon, but that's ok because nothing would come of it. The real threat comes from old farts getting walloped by fish and breaking a hip or losing their dentures or something. Then we'll see some litigation!
  8. "If you, a relative or friend have suffered injury as a result of a salmon launched from a fish cannon, please contact our offices. Substantial payments have resulted from litigation on behalf of thousands who have suffered injuries resulting from salmon shot from cannons. Call our offices today to arrange a meeting with one of our attorneys. There is no charge if we do not win your litigation."

    Stewart, Baker and Vanderwettering
  9. To bad there was no soundtrack...but I could imagine it goes like this

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  10. Am I the only one that's just plain fed-up with how frequently these threads quickly have politics injected into them?
  11. Nope.

    From the Forum Rules, conveniently pinned to the top of the forum page...maybe some should stop stroking their keyboards and read the rules again.

    Political discussions have no place on the board unless it's in direct relation to the impact of a fishery.
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  12. Thanks for the post Plaegreid! LMAO

    Thinking it time to retool the potato gun, just to
    help fish on their run
  13. sorry i thought it was pretty obvious i was joking
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  14. I looked at the video and I didn't see any water coming out of a 250 foot tube. From how long it took a salmon to go through that tube. You should all be able to get your hero shots of the fish you catch, just as long as you don't keep them out of the water over 30 seconds.

    I wonder what the salmon body goes through going through a pneumatic tube like that.
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  15. I was wondering the same thing. Seems like that friction would be disruptive to their mucoprotein layer.
  16. I'm gonna need a bigger mitt.

  17. This article states that the device sprays water on them as the fish go up the tube; the one's in the demo are dead so I suspect they may have left the misters off. If you check out the following video, you'll notice some spray coming out of the tube during the live fish test:

    Another part that should be mentioned is that this system may potentially remove all handling by humans, as noted at the end of this article:

  18. They're working on a salmon cruise missile for that. It will be "launched" in 2015.
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  19. I think a Scud missile would be more appropriate for this application.
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  20. [​IMG]

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