Guys guys guys! It's a cannon, that shoots FISH over DAMS.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by plaegreid, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. #yeeeeehaw Scud missile.jpg
  2. A German tech company ( der Wirschiessenfischauskannonen Gruppe) is working on a prototype fish-delivery system that will bypass all the dangers of the river system by collecting fish at the mouth of the Columbia and delivering them directly to the spawning grounds:

  3. Heck ya! Blast them over ALL the dams!
  4. Time to release my "Patriot" line of salmon rods & the "Interceptor" shooting heads . . . timing is everything . . .

  5. The Salmon Defense Initiative (SDI), initiated by Reagan in the early 80's and dubbed "StarWars" by the media, has actually created a rod which has spurred much controversy within this very forum: The Deathstar. Reagan was criticized for being unrealistic and not putting enough backbone in the rod, but the StarWars program has given America an impressive advantage in the field of advanced salmon-projectile defense systems.
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  6. Here is the Wirschiessenfischauskannonen Gruppe tactical deployment team in of the best of the best.

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  7. Well, sadly, the way our fisheries are heading, the politics associated with their demise may become the only thing to talk about... it's not like the fishing reports/trips forum is topping the charts in recent years :D.
  8. Problem is, the reports/trips forum kind'a overlaps with primary forum. As the majority of folks look at this forum... I know I do... and not the reports forum... if you post a report there, very few actually read your report.
  9. I always thought the trips/ reports with pictures forum was for non-Washington reports.
  10. This thread is useless without Bobo holding the launcher.
  11. Did you see the part where the fish swims it self into the launcher? I foresee this as becoming a problem. Thrill seeking salmon taking the ride to the top, only to turn around and go over the spillway to do it again!
    Cowabunga dude!
  12. Now I can dream up some new stories about fly fishing.
  13. At the least, this is going to make for some freaked out salmon...."Don't swim toward that tube. Larry swam near the tube - it sucked him in, I heard his screams, and then he just disappeared!"
  14. I'm tellin' ya, that fish was 30 pounds. Almost had it to-hand, but it made one more long run & swam into this freeking tube. It was gone that quick, followed by my line, rod, & reel.
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  15. Maybe this is how those flying carp got started.
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  16. They experienced it, liked it, and then developed the ability . . .
  17. Well...... At first it was a little scary. I was funneled into this tube thing. Then I felt this sensation of speeding up. And then, BAM. Out I came just like emerging from the egg. Only I came out into the air. I was flying. I was reborn as a bird. I tell you it was wonderful. I could see all the way to the far bank of the river..... And beyond. You have to try it.
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  18. I can see a Disney-Pixar movie coming out of this: "Launching Nemo"
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  19. So how can this cluster-fuck of an idea not be related to the impact on a fishery?? Just askin`!
  20. Impact on a fishery of course. Direct or tongue in cheek references to political agendas and such should be taken to some other place of political postulations.

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