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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Evan Sjovold, Apr 5, 2013.

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    I've been reading up on both Rio's new In Touch lines and Airflo's Sixth Sense sinking lines, both have some form of hang marker built into them. On Rio's video they talk about anglers adding them to sinking lines prior to these new lines. I like the idea of a hang marker so I don't strip the leader into the guides, which I do quite often with my Deep 7 line. Has anyone ever added one to a line, I assume any tying thread should work, my question is glueing it what to use. I was thinking of using aqua seal, that's what is usually used to put loops onto sink tips. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Evan, I've tried things like white fingernail polish and white marker pens, but it seems like they all wear off pretty quickly. I just bought the RIO InTouch Deep 7 line and one good reason for buying it over the old Deep 7 is that you don't have to stretch out the line when first starting to use the line at the beginning of a fishing day. The non-stretch core greatly reduces the memory coils that the old Deep 7 had. The InTouch line otherwise casts the same and sinks at the same rate. The hang marker is a nice thing to have, I suppose, but I could always tell when it was time to cast again when stripping in because the feeling of weight changes as the end of the fly line gets closer to the boat. This is a good thing to know and feel because when you are fishing at night in the dark you can't see the hang marker anyway, unless it glows in the dark, which I don't think it does.

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  3. I have the new Rio line in a type v with the hang marker, and IMO its pretty well useless. I've never had a problem stripping my knot past the eye, even though I tend to strip right to the end of my rod. I find the hang marker to not be easily seen, and when I'm stripping I seldom, if ever, actually feel the damn thing. I would play around with various stuff to add one to an existing line, but I wouldn't recommend shelling out hard earned cash on a line specifically for that feature.

    Other than that I find the line casts extremely well, so you wouldn't be bad off at all if you purchased the line, just wouldn't do so specifically for that feature

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