Happy Birthday you old buzzard!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bob Triggs, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Happy Birthday to Old Man Jim Swan!
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  2. I suppose now we have to call him "Really Old Man Jim."

    ROMJ, I hope you have a really Happy B-day! And many more!
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  3. Or 'OLDER Man Jim'!

    Happy birthday you old fart.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jim! I hope you have a great year, catch lots of fish and have no falls or ER visits in 2014!
  5. Thanks to all and I'll try to keep my ass out of the hospital.
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  6. Happy birthday OMJ, you old asshole.

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  7. Happy Birthday OMJ!
  8. Happy birthday! Don't party too hard tonight!! Hangovers get worse with age;)
  9. Thanks everybody. I don't drink like I used to. It's no fun drinking alone. I live in a house with females and none drink.
  10. Your lucky.. they'd likely keep your supply cleaned out!

    Happy B-day Jim, hope your midges see some soak time soon.

  11. Happy birthday Jim, from another old man.:D
  12. Happy belated BIRTHDAY Jim!

    Sorry I missed it. Hope you have many, many more and each is better than the last.
  13. As usual, I'm late. Hey, there are some times that's a good thing. Happy Birthday, OMJ.

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