Has anyone ever fished the small creek at boulder cave

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ryan Dressel, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. I recently went to boulder cave and went ahead and brought my spinning rod and reel, didn't have a fly rod at the time. I was using a trout magnet and cought three cutthroat trout, would have cought more but you know who were there and had no respect for the guy fishing. But my question is what is the name of that creek. And if I were to fly fish it would I use because if you have been there you know why I am asking, or should I stick to using trout magnets.
  2. Who is "you know who" because I'm afraid I don't? Also, you might want to check regs and make phone calls BEFORE fishing unknown waters.

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  3. I not racist at all but I mean the Mexicans, I was trying to find the regs but couldn't find the name of the creek.
  4. It's called Devil Creek. I'd recommend finding a different place to fish. That area is constantly crawling with people (yes, even people with different cultural backgrounds than your own:eek:) and will not provide you with solitude.

    Ever think the people without rods are probably irritated at you trying to catch fish while they want to play in the falls?
  5. Snap.
  6. Ok thanks, but it is not the same most white people if they saw a guy fishing they wouldn't just jump in when you are fishing right there they would be polite and ask if they can what am I gonna say no, the element I am talking about just doesn't care and are trashing the place up when I was there last they just drop there trash in the creek, they don't care about anybody but themselves because there not tought to, I not saying that's all of them there lots of very kind mexicans. What small creeks would you recommend visiting in that area???:)
  7. I have not seen any Mexicans where I fish, and yet I see all kinds of trash laying about. I always carry a couple of plastic grocery bags in my vest, so that I can pick up some of the trash others leave behind. My brother and I fished the Deschutes (Wa.) the other day and I filled both bags.
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  8. That is nice to know that people are picking up the trash, it's ridiculous.
  9. LMAO... Wow, thank goodness there are a few of us Mexicans that pick up after ourselves... If I see on of those "Mexicans" with a fly rod I will surely give them a peace of my mind.. Probably only on the river to dump his trash...
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  10. And one more thing.. I was on the Puyallup River today surrounded my 20+ not so brown people who were oh so willing to leave their PBR cans all over bank, and sent plenty of trash floating down river.. They were also keeping plenty of belly hooked fish, I didn't know the mouth was located so close to the tail... Maybe you can go there and teach "YOU KNOW WHO" type of people a thing or two...
  11. And don't get me started on Guatemalans! That's right - I ask hispanic people their nationality before complaining about them on WFF.
  12. image.jpg

    When I get dressed to hit the river, I go all out!!! Who's with me?? Don't forget your hat!!!


    Just think how many flies I can fit on my hat, FU fedora wearers!!!
  13. So Ryan was the guy that put A in awkward. I have an extra shovel if you need it.
  14. I wasn't calling all Mexicans bad there are trash in all races, whites, African-Americans, and Latinos. I didn't mean to offend anyone, trust most of my friends are Mexican and they agree, I was singling out a whole race, at a mma gym I go to a lot of the people there are Mexican and I respect them. I wasn't trying to offend anyone I am sorry.
  15. Sorry I ment I wasn't singling out a whole race. My bad
  16. All good here... Nothing taken personal... If you hit up the little d often I am sure we will meet up eventually... I don't wear my big fly fishing hat often though... So I may be difficult to spot..
  17. Actually James, I think you're onto something... Those sombreros would be killer for sun cover on the river! Screw buffs, those are the ticket. Trend setter up in this!

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  19. May be you should of not said anything to begin with. You seem to be getting deeper and deeper with each word you type.
  20. Minor case of foot in mouth disease. Unfortunately, it can flare up to become a serious case ;)

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