Has anyone ever fished the small creek at boulder cave

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ryan Dressel, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. James, I like the hat. Way overkill 1 mile brim would work for fending off the sun. Just get you with the girl who is going to wear the bee suite and you both will show us all up in style points.
  2. I gotta agree with Luke77.
    This is a popular recreation spot, and there are miles and miles of other stream water available to fishermen. And its a fee area.
  3. On checking Ryan's profile, he's 14 years old so maybe cut him a little slack.
    Ryan, be a little careful here.
  4. I guarantee if you show up at the beach topless wearing a sombrero and ammo bandoliers you'll get a prime spot during the pink run.

    To stay on topic- cool it with the slander buddy. Apologies are nice, but the cards have already been shown. 6-12 months of good behavior and civil conversation on the board might make amends. And good luck with the fishing.
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  5. Yeah that's what my grandmother says, were is the little d and what is the little d.
  6. That is most definitely racist.
  7. I'll bite. The little "D" Is a small stream That runs through Olympia and into Budd Inlet. By looking at my map, it looks like it starts out from Alder Lake. But maps are wrong sometimes.
  8. The little "D" is what some folks call the Deschutes river in Washington. Lot's of small cutthroat, but limited access to the river. Caught a bunch of these guys the other day, but there some big guys (15" +) in there.
  9. Once I saw Ryan's age on his profile I posted everything was all good... Don't chastise him it was a simple mistake.. Ryan please just be a little more careful with the key strokes.. If you PM me I will set you in the right direction on the little D
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  10. Sorry New here what is pm, and how do I pm???
  11. Click my photo for my name under my photo. A description of myself should show up on your screen in that description there is a place that says conversation click on that and then you will begin PMIng..
  12. I started a conversation with you if that helps
  13. Good on you guys for helping him out. :)
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